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​​Disabi​​lity​​ Resource Center (DRC)

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From Access to Success
What the DRC offers students: 

Every student is ensured equal access to their college experience. We support enrolled students with reasonable academic adjustments for educational opportunities. We promote self-advocacy and independence for students with disabilities.

DRC Application​​​​​​

​Office Hours:​ Summer 2024
Monday - Thursday: 8am - 5:30pm
Friday: Closed 
Location: CSS106 ​
Virtual services available

Contact Us: 
To contact the DRC, please call 951-372-7070,
or visit them on campus in the Center for Student Success, 1st Floor, Room CSS ​106.
Video Phone: (951) ​547 - 1178 (For ASL use only) 

College-Wide Closures: 

June 19th, 2024

July 4th, 2024​



New Students: Starting Services with the DRC​​

​​Step 1 - Apply to DRC
  • Submit DRC App​lication​ 
    • You must be a Norco College student to apply for services. You will be asked for your Norco College Student ID Number in the DRC Application. 

​​​Step 2 - Submit Verification 
  • ​Submit verification of conditions/disabilities to drc@norcocollege.edu
  • If you do not have access to disability verification, you can see Norco College Health Services​ for a medical assessment. Please call 951-372-7046, or visit them on campus.

​​Step 3 ​- Meet with a DRC Counselor​ 
  • Call our office at 951-372-7070 to schedule an Academic Adjustments appointment with a DRC Counselor. 

Disabilities that may qualify for academic support services include:​​ 

  • Acquired Brain Injury 
  • Developmental Disabilities 
  • Health Impairments (cardiac, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, etc.) 
  • Deaf or Hard of Hearing
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Physical Impairments 
  • Mental Health Disabilities (anxiety, depression, PTSD, etc.)
  • Temporary Disabilities
  • Visual Impairments

Our dedicated staff provides access to approved academic adjustments for qualified students. 

Services may include: 

  • Assistive technology 
  • Assistive equipment 
  • Assistive furniture 
  • Assistive media
  • Dedicated counseling 
  • In-class note-taking 
  • Priority registration 
  • ASL Interpreting / Real Time Captioning 
  • Test Adjustments 


Current DRC Students​​

​Schedule a Counseling Appointment 

​See the DRC Counselor for Academic​ Planning, Disability Related Counseling, Student Educational Plans (SEP), or other Academic Concerns. 

​Schedul​e​ an appointment

​If your schedule does not allow meeting during normal business hours, please contact our office at 951-372-7070 to discuss further options.

​Request Services 

Many of the forms below are accessible while logged into your RCCD Student Email account. If you are not able to access the form, please log into your student email and then try accessing the from again.

Academic Adjustment Request Form​

Test Request Form 

*Test appointments require 5 business​ days notice before scheduled test date.*

  • Summer 2024 Test Request Form coming soon

Other Forms ​​


Many of the forms above are accessible while logged into your RCCD Student Email account. If you are not able to access the form, please log into your student email and then try accessing the from again. 

*The above forms are available in Adobe PDF format. Adobe Reader can be downloaded for free from www.adobe.com. Please email the completed form to the Disability Resource Center for processing​​ at drc@norcocollege.edu​




​Priority ​​Registration 

Summer 2024 and Fall 2024

Priority Registration Occurred: April 29th - May 3rd​​

Priority Registration Request Form​​​

Priority Registration clearance is open to qualifying* DRC students.

Please make a note of the above dates as they will not be reflected in WebAdvisor or EduNav. The date you see in WebAdvisor/EduNav is a general registration date. You will need to use this general registration date if you miss the week of Priority Registration or if you are not eligible. 

Priority Registration Eligibility: *DRC students who have completed their college orientation, assessment, counseling, and are in good academic standing, are eligible for priority registration as a service. In addition to meeting the above criteria, you must also do the following:

  1. Before the Priority Registration dates, submit a Priority Registration request form. Within 1-2 business days, a DRC staff member will process the request and clear you for online registration for your desired term(s).

  2. You will NOT be able to use Priority Registration if you have been placed on Academic or progress probation for 2+ consecutive semesters.

  3. You will NOT be able to use Priority Registration if you exceed 100 units (unless you are in an approved high-unit major).

  4. It is the student's responsibility to check their student email for the most up-to-date information on their academic standing, college updates, and DRC correspondence.

If you do not meet these guidelines OR if you miss registration during the above dates, you must wait until your assigned WebAdvisor date to register for classes. Please note, high school concurrent enrollment students do not have access to Priority Registration per Norco College policy. They will have enrollment access on the first day of each term in order to ensure that they do not displace regularly admitted students.


​New Students

To ensure access to Priority Registration, new DRC services should be requested by the middle of April 2024. Service requested after this date may delay Priority Registration access. For new DRC service requests, please make sure you: 

​​1) Submit a DRC Application​

2) Send a copy of your medical/disability verification to drc@norcocollege.edu.​



High Tech Center

In Office Support: 

The DRC High Tech Center is a computer center designed to provide access to adaptive technologies for individuals with disabilities. These technologies enable students to gain access to standard college coursework. Please follow the links to find information on the different hardware and software that is made available to students in the High Tech Center and what the requirements are for obtaining access to the lab.

Examples of Software:

  • Voice Recogn​​ition (Speech to Text) with Microsoft Word Online Voice Dictation 
  • JAWS - screen reader​​
  • ZoomText - screen magnification 
  • Kurzweil 3000 ​- Scan and Read technology for users with learning disabilities


​DRC Staff

Our dedicated staff provides access to approved academic adjustments for qualified students. 

Matt Allen 
Accessible Technology 
and Media Coordinator
Send Email​ 

Katie Arnha​rt 
Senior Interpreter 
Send Email​ 

Courtney Beirne 
Adjunct Counselor 
Send Email​ 

Kimberly Bell
Counselor/LD Specialist 
Send Email​ 

Greg Ferrer, Ed.D
Director ​
Send Email​ 

Ted Jackson 
Adjunct Counselor 

Send Email​ 

Michael Lopez 
Support Service Specialist Aide

Leona Vassale, M.A./M.F.T./P.C.C.
 Disability Specialist
Send Email​ 


​Faculty & ​Staff Resources

The DRC staff is committed to providing access to resources for faculty to assist students who demonstrate an edu​ca​​​​tional limitation due to a documented disability.​​

Other Resources


​Student Resources

The DRC staff is committed to providing access to resources for ​students who demonstrate an educational limitation due to a documented disability.​


Complaint Procedures​

​In its goal to provide quality instruction and service, Norco College provides students access to appropriate College staff and administration to resolve questions and concerns about Norco College staff, policies, procedures, or other actions or inactions of the College. Norco College and its employees make every effort to serve students courteously and efficiently, including acting in accordance with college policies and state and federal laws. Individuals dissatisfied with a campus policy or the conduct of a college employee can bring a complaint, a written or verbal notice of dissatisfaction, to the attention of the appropriate faculty, staff, or administrator at any time. If a problem is identified, applicable remedies will be put in place as soon as possible. Before filing a complaint, ind​ividuals should make every effort to resolve their dissatisfaction informally with the college personnel immediately involved. If addressing an issue informally does not lead to satisfactory resolution, the individual may register a complaint with the appropriate supervisor or administrator in alignment with the appropriate administrative procedure below. Complaints escalating to this level must be submitted in writing so that the appropriate administrator can investigate your complaint and respond.​​​ ​