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School of Social &

Behavioral Sciences

The Norco College School of Social & Behavioral Sciences, through excellence in instruction, readies students to effectively navigate the increasingly complex, diverse, and globally connected world by providing them with knowledge of themselves, others, and the dynamic social environment. By means of hands-on exposure to scientific theory, research, and practice, the School of Social & Behavioral Sciences strives to develop socially responsible students who are engaged and prepared for both work and continuing education in the social/behavioral sciences and related fields.​​

Mission Statement

The Anthropology, Economics, Ethnic Studies, History, Introduction to Social Justice Studies, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology programs are part of the School of Social & Behavioral Sciences and, as such, have developed the following mission statement: 
“The Norco College School of Social & Behavioral Sciences is a pursuit of an interdisciplinary study of the social and behavioral sciences by selecting among courses in historical context, creative writing, and ideas and interpretation of the sciences. The School of Social & Behavioral Sciences looks to advance the application of social and behavioral science and knowledge, and to continue its commitment to help students obtain the critical core skills necessary to meet the needs of jobs related to those sciences.​

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Dean of Instruction: Quinton Bemiller
Department Chairs: Alexis Gray/Tim Russell​
Counselor: Zina Chacon
Educational Advisor: Natalie Aceves
Instructional Department Specialist: Debbie Karrer

​Facu​lty Advisors

​​​Alexis Gray
Alexis Gray, Ph.D.

HUM 107
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​​​Laura Adams
Laura Adams, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

IT 200K
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​​​Rosalio Cedillo
Rosalio Cedillo, Ph.D.​
Assistant Professor

PORT A 108​
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​​​Stephany​​ Kyriakos
​Stephany​​ Kyriakos, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

THTR 202
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​​​Sandra Po​piden
Sandra Po​piden, Ph.D.​
Assistant Professor
Political Science

PORT B 207
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​​​Nancy Quiñones
Nancy Quiñones, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Ethnic Studies
THTR ​206
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​​​Timothy Russell
Timothy Russell, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

THTR 201
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​​​Melissa Wilson
​Melissa Wilson, M.A.
Assistant Professor

PORT B 206​
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​​​Aldo Yanez-Ruiz
​Aldo Yanez-Ruiz, Ph.D.​
Assistant Professor
Political Science

PORT B 204​
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​​​Kara Zamiska
Kara Zamiska​, Ph.D.​​
Associate Professor

PORT B 203​
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