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​​​Parking at Norco College

Norco College offers a mix of student and staff permit parking. Pay-by-hour parking is available with the use of the parking permit dispenser machines. Every vehicle that parks on Norco College must have a virtual permit.  A virtual permit is an electronic record of a permit issued. There is no requirement for the holder of the virtual parking permit to display the permit. Click here​ for more information.

Download C​ampus Map

Parking permits must be purchased through WebAdvisor

Reviewing the information about parking regulations, permits, procedures and tips on this page will help make on-campus parking a less stressful experience. 

Top 4 Parking Tips

  • Make sure you know the parking rules before driving on campus. 
  • Arrive for your class or appointment at least 20 minutes early. 
  • Always park legally. 
  • Call Parking Services at (951) 222-8520 with any questions.​