​​​​​​disability resource center


​​Disabi​​lity Resource Center

​​2020 Summer and 2020 Fall Priority Registration: 

To Be Announced – please check back for more information   ​​


Norco College is committed to providing an accessible and inclusive learning environment for students with disabilities to encourage and support their academic success.

The DRC also provides disability related information and strategies to Norco College faculty and staff in order to better serve students.

Norco College students with disabilities may be eligible for priority registration, which can be accessed online upon meeting with the DRC staff to complete the activation process. Students can utilize the High Tech Center with adaptive computer technology at Norco College if they do not have Internet access at home.

Winter Hours (1/6/20-2/13/20)

Mon-Thu: 8 am - 6 ​pm
Fri: 8am - 4pm

Center for Student Success Bldg. First Floor
Phone: (951) 372-7070​
VideoPhone: (951) 547-1178​​​

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