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Tutorial Services

For the Winter 2023 term online and face-to-face academic support services are available! All support is FREE!

Tutoring is available at the following times:
         Monday-Thursday: 10a-4p

Study Groups:
      Face-To-Face Study Groups are available on the 1st floor of the Library.
      Click HERE​​​ to join a study group.
      *No appointment necessary.

​Click the appropriate link below to view current academic support schedules:
      Study Group Sc​hedule​ (Pending. To be published on Monday, 1/9/23)

      Face-To-Face and Online Appointments are available and can be scheduled on WCONLINE.
      Click HERE to schedule an appointment on WCONLINE.​

​If you need assistance, click HERE. LRC staff members are standing by to greet and assist you, on the Zoom platform. ​ ​

Alternatively, you can also email us at lrc@norcocollege.edu and we will reply as soon as we can.

Students should be aware of the following:
  • Tutoring is subject to Norco College Courses only.
  • Appointments are available on a first-come-first-serve basis and are available depending on tutor availability and/or subject support.
  • Appointments are group sessions.
  • Should you need to cancel an appointment, please do so 24 hours before your scheduled appointment time. Students who do not show up to their appointments and have not previously notified Tutorial Services of their cancellation, will be considered a “No-Show". Students will be denied services after they have acquired (3) “No-shows". To cancel an appointment, please do so via your WCONLINE account.