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Updated: August 17, 2022

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Norco College Commencement Ceremony

Norco College’s Commencement Ceremony returned to the Norco College Soccer Field on Friday, June 10, 2022, to honor Norco College Classes of 2022, 2021, and 2020. The ceremony began at 6:00 pm.

After two consecutive years of being conducted in an online and drive-thru format with a recorded ceremony, those receiving their Associate Degree of Arts, Associate Degree of Sciences, and Certificates of Achievement walked across the stage in front of family and friends. Watch the ceremony below.


Commencement Videos

President Monica Green speaking at 2022 Norco College Commencement

President Monica Green

Click here to see the video >>

Commencement Student Speaker Ms. Ahlam Gheith speaking at 2022 Norco College Commencement

Ms. Ahlam Gheith

Click here to see the video >>

Commencement Faculty Speaker Dr. Peggy Campo speaking at 2022 Norco College Commencement

Dr. Peggy Campo

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Meet Your Commencement Speakers

Professor Peggy Campo on Norco College campus

Dr. Peggy Campo


Dr. Peggy Campo has been a Professor of Anatomy and Physiology at Norco College since 2008. She teaches science classes with passion and love and is highly regarded amongst her colleagues and students.   

Dr. Campo obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from La Universidad Católica de Córdoba, Argentina; a Master of Science in Biology, from the University of California, Riverside; a Master of Arts in Cell and Molecular Biology, from Harvard University; and a Doctor of Education in Leadership in Higher Education from Northcentral University. Dr. Campo’s spirit embraces the mission of California Community Colleges, stressing equity, access, and inclusion, and recognizes that education is the most reliable path to expand social and economic advancement.

Dr. Campo is an energetic storyteller who incorporates common everyday examples to help students comprehend complex biological concepts. She lectures with enthusiasm, humor, and care. Dr. Campo does not take herself too seriously, but seriously cares about her students and their success. She loves both science and learning and hopes that her fervor for both shines through to her students.

Dr. Campo is an influential member of the Biology Department having served as the Norco Academic Senate President for five years and District Academic Senate President for two. During her tenure as senate president, she advocated for guided pathways, military credit for prior learning, and diversifying faculty. She can easily be found on campus, conversing loudly with everyone- avidly gesticulating, using colorful language, and laughing wholeheartedly.

Dr. Campo has been married for close to thirty years and is the proud mother to three children and multiple four-legged creatures. She lives close to her parents, siblings, nieces, and nephews, and considers family-time precious. She enjoys traveling, reading, and eating well.

Commencement 2022 – Faculty Speaker Dr. Peggy Campo – 06-10-2022

Ahlam Gheith on Norco College campus

Ms. Ahlam Gheith


Ahlam Gheith is a powerful woman who has overcome tremendous odds and exudes compassion and kindness to all those with whom she interacts. She is the proud mother of seven children and returned to college after 20 years. She is a proud Palestinian -American and has been an honored resident of Riverside County for more than 10 years. Ahlam attended Alexandria Senior High School in Louisiana and then went to the American Airline Academy in Texas to earn a certificate in Travel and Hospitality. She understood at an early age that to live a successful life she needed to have a mindset focused on overcoming obstacles and staying positive during the most difficult situations. Her trust in God and in herself with hard work and determination to achieving her goals have been the backbone to her obtaining, five associate degrees at Norco College. Her degrees are as follows: 1. Political Science, 2. Psychology, 3. Humanities, Philosophy, and Arts, 4. Social and Behavioral Studies, and 5. Communications, Media, and Language.

Staying busy is never a challenge for Ahlam. She stays active in educating herself both in and outside of the classroom. She loves to learn new skills and take on new hobbies. She is an accomplished photographer. Even with her busy schedule she loves to serve her community and others. She has volunteered coaching the Youth of her community, fitness boot camps. She enjoys staying active with, outdoor activates, weightlifting, and working out. Her hobbies include Photography, photo editing, reading, and Art and loves the beach. She is passionate about educating herself as well as others. As a result, Ahlam has been a board member for the School of Education of Reach Leadership Steam Academy for seven years. She has also taught two years of Art, and physical Education at a private school.

Ahlam is committed to her family and setting a good example for her children, she leads by example. She is graduating from Norco College with Honors and was a member of the Dean’s List every semester she attended Norco College. Her future goals include being a National Speaker advocating for other’s who can’t advocate for themselves, motivating and helping individual growth, using her political science background and psychology. She is committed to improving the lives of anyone she can help. She is excited to help others achieve their dreams and goals. Her philosophy for life is to trust in God and keep pushing forward, and never be afraid to start over! She is living proof of Abraham Lincoln’s famous phrase that good things come to those who wait, but better things come to those who hustle.

Ms. Gheith will be attending UCR in the fall double majoring in psychology and Political Science with a minor in Communication Studies. Ahlam auditioned and was chosen to be the 2022 Norco College Commencement Speaker because of her love of education and her passion for positively influencing others.

Commencement 2022 – Student Speaker Ms. Ahlam Gheith – 06-10-2022


Grad Stories​​​​

Grad Stories: Brandi Gomez

Art student Brandi Gomez is graduating this spring 2022 with plans to transfer to Cal State Fullerton in the fall. After a 13 year break working, she came back to school to pursue her passion for art. Her career goal is to work in the video game industry. Congratulations Brandi!

Grad Stories: Rochelle Duran

Rochelle Duran is a Nursing major at Norco College. She is graduating this spring 2022 with degrees in Math & Science, Kinesiology, and Social & Behavioral Sciences. She returned to college after a break and got involved on campus. She will be RCCD's 2022-2023 Student Trustee.

Grad Stories: Krystelle Borja

Chemical Engineering major Krystelle Borja is graduating this spring 2022 and will be transferring to UC Riverside in the fall. Hear her story and the experience she's had at Norco College. Congrats Krystelle!

2022 Commencement Collage banner
2022 Commencement Snapshot


The Official 2022​ Commencement Program

(Click the image below to open the official Commencement Program!)
2022 Norco College Commencement Program


COVID Related Information

The Riverside Community College District has suspended the vaccination verification and testing requirement for June 10 commencement ceremonies at its three colleges. The decision aligns with the California Department of Public Health’s (CDPH) guidelines. The CDPH does not require proof of vaccination, nor a negative COVID test, for outdoor events with less than 10,000 in attendance.

“We understand how special and important college graduation is to our students,” Wolde-Ab Isaac, chancellor of RCCD, said. “The mandating of proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test would have adversely impacted some families looking to celebrate their student’s accomplishment.”


General Information

Norco College Commencement Map 

Norco College Commencement Map (click to download)

Graduates, Here is What You Need to Know:

Checklist of items for prior to Commencement on June 10th.
  • Do you have your Cap and Gown? You can't participate without one. Your student government has subsidized the cost. They paid $60, and you will only have to pay $20. Tassels, Honor Cords, and Sashes are additional charges.
  • Bookstore contact information: Website​; Phone: 951-372-7085 Hours: Mon. - Thurs. 8 am - 6 pm, Friday 8 am - 1 pm.

Important things to know for the Day of Commencement:

  • Graduates will arrive at 4:00 pm and go to the Amphitheater by the Library.
  • You will check in and pick up your name card. You will be given the opportunity to write your name phonetically so there are no errors when you cross the stage.
  • We will have a rehearsal in the Amphitheater so you will know exactly what to expect when Commencement starts.
  • Snacks and water will be complimentary at the rehearsal for all graduates.
  • Tell your guests that the gates to the Soccer Field will open at 4:30 pm and the ceremony will start EXACTLY at 6:00 pm (We anticipate ending no later than 8:30 pm)
  • Bottled Water, Hawaiian Leis, and Flowers will be for sale at the Soccer Field.
  • No food is allowed on the Soccer Field.
  • Noisemakers of any kind are not allowed on the Soccer Field.
  • Silly string is not allowed on the Soccer Field.
On the website are Commencement themed social media photo frames and backgrounds. Please use the hashtags #norcocollegegrad, #NC_Commencement2022, and #NCgrad2022.

When and Where is Commencement 2022?

Commencement takes place on Friday, June 10, 2022 at 6 PM at the Norco College Soccer Field

What takes place at the Norco College (NC) Commencement Ceremony?

The NC Commencement ceremony is hosted by the RCCD Board of Trustees, the Chancellor, and the College President. The ceremony opens with a grand academic procession beginning promptly at 6:00 PM, followed by remarks from college leadership, the conferring of honorary degrees, addresses by the faculty and student commencement speaker, and the formal transition—the turning of the mortarboard tassel from right to left—that marks the moment when members of the current graduating class officially become NC graduates and alumni.

Is this a ticketed event?

We do not require students to register their guest for this ceremony and we do not give out tickets. Seating is first come, first serve, we ask you to limit saving no more than 2 seats.

​Will the ceremonies be broadcast for those unable to attend?

Yes, for those who cannot join us at Norco College on June 10th, the in-person ceremonies will be broadcast online, live, and on-demand for future viewing. The broadcast will be available on our Norco College homepage starting at 6 PM.

How do I participate in social media?

When posting to your social media, please use the hashtags #norcocollegegrad and #NC2022.

Do I need to attend the in-person Commencement ceremonies to have my degree conferred?

No, graduates do not need to attend to have their degree conferred.

Do I have to attend the Commencement Ceremony?

While it is not required for students to attend the Commencement Ceremony, most alumni would agree that the ceremony exceeded their expectations and put an exclamation point on their time at Norco College. Family members have also shared that this is a great way to celebrate their student's tremendous accomplishments because it is a big, spirited celebration! 

I will be finishing my degree requirements this summer or fall (2022).  Can I participate in this year's graduation ceremony?

Students may participate in commencement if they are within 9 units of completing the requirements for the degree they have applied for. Any application received with a student lacking more than 9 units in order to complete requirements will be cancelled. 

When does the graduate need to arrive on campus on Commencement Day?

In order to walk in the NC Commencement ceremony procession, you should be ready on Friday, June 10th no later than 4 PM at the Amphitheater next to the Center for Student Success Building.  As parking and seating are on a first-come, first-served basis, it is wise to arrive early. 

When should guests arrive on Commencement Day?

The ceremony begins promptly at 6:00 PM. We recommend guests to arrive between 4:30 PM – 5:15 PM to secure parking and seating. Those who arrive closer to 6:00 PM will have a very difficult time finding parking and seating. Wear comfortable shoes. It is a long walk from the parking lot to the soccer field. Seating is first come, first serve, we do not give out tickets. In addition, the lines may be longer due to checking bags for security reasons​.

Is food permitted on the Soccer Field?

No, food is not permitted on the soccer field. However, bottled water may be brought onto the field. Bottled water will also be sold at this event as a fundraiser for one of the campus clubs.

Will wheelchairs be available for disabled guests?

No, wheelchairs are not available for guests. There will be a Disability Resource Center Booth available to answer questions, if needed. They can be reached in advance at either ​drc@norcocollege.edu​ or 951-372-7070.

Could the Commencement be postponed if Riverside County experiences an increase in COVID related illnesses?

The situation with the pandemic is always fluid. If Riverside County moves back into more restrictive tiers, the State and County guidelines could prohibit gatherings of any size. NC will follow the guidance of Riverside County health officials – therefore all commencement plans may be subject to change.




Check the Bookstore Website for updates: https://www.bkstr.com/norcocollegestore/shop/graduation

​Do I need to wear regalia for the in-person Commencement ceremonies?

Yes, regalia is available at the NC Bookstore, and will be available for purchase in-store and online at www.norcocollegeshop.com​. ASNC will be subsidizing the cost of regalia for the first 400 students. These 400 students will pay $20.00 for their cap, gown, tassel, and hood - ASNC will pay the rest. Honor cords are only available to qualified students as determined by Admissions & Records and cost $13.00.​

Will regalia be shipped to my home, or can I pick up on campus?

Students may purchase instore for quickest service. You may also purchase online and have it shipped to your house. Please include your height and weight when ordering. Gowns are one size fits most; XL caps and gowns also available upon request, while supplies last.

Can I purchase regalia the day of my Commencement ceremony?

Regalia will be available for purchase up to the day of Commencement, however, discounted pricing will likely be exhausted.

Can I get my tassel and honors cords with my regalia?

The Grad Regalia Set includes cap, gown, and tassel. Associate hoods and Honor cords have an additional charge.

Who can I contact if I have questions regarding regalia?

Please call the Norco College Bookstore at 951.372.7085 during business hours or email Bookstore@norcocollege.edu. Their business hours are 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM Monday – Thursday and 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM on Fridays.

How do graduates get honor cords?

Students graduating with Great Distinction are eligible to purchase an Honor Cord. Students graduating with Great Distinction or Distinction will receive a silver 2022 tassel marking their achievement.



Diplomas and Program Book

When will I get my diploma?

Diplomas are distributed by the Office of Admissions and Records. They will be mailed to your permanent address approximately six weeks after degrees are conferred on June 10th.

When and where do I receive my diploma cover?

Diploma covers are distributed to students on stage at the in-person Commencement Ceremony.

How do I get my diploma cover if I cannot attend in person?

For those unable to attend, diploma covers can be picked up after June 20th in the Office of Admissions and Records.

Will my name be listed in the 2022 commencement printed program?

Graduates' name will be included in the printed program unless the graduate has specified otherwise at the time you submitted your application.

How do I get a copy of the 2022 commencement printed program?

The commencement printed program will be available at the in-person ceremony on campus. You will also be able to download a copy of the program from the commencement website.​

​ ​



Photo Frames & Backgrounds 

Share your graduation celebrations and Mustang pride with custom social media frames and backgrounds. Be sure to tag @norcocollege in your posts and use hashtag #NCgrads2022.  

To add a frame to your social media post, use an app such as Phonto, Canva or Photoshop Express that allows you to layer multiple images.  


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