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​Access Stud​​ent Email and Reset Password

When you apply to become a Norco College student your official email account is automatically set up. All you need to do is access it. Norco College email keeps you informed with important notices, new classes, class changes, wait list status, notices from Student Financial Services, faculty correspondence and more.

You should have received your Norco College email address in the mail a few days after applying. If you did not receive it you can clic​k here to find out what your email address is.

Step 1: Go to mail.office365.com to SIGN-IN with your Norco College email address. Your temporary password will be your initials (first letter capitalized) followed by your 6-digit date of birth (e.g. Js061078).

Step 2: Follow the Microsoft prompts to set up your account. It’s a good idea to be able to provide an alternate e-mail address in case you forget your Norco College email or password.​

Student Email Password Reset 
(Do not use MAIL.OFFICE365.COM to reset email password)

  • Log-in to WebAdvisor

  • Under Personal Information, select Email Password Reset

  • Resetting of email password may take up to three days (Do not attempt to log in before the three day period to avoid further log-in issues) 

  • Once completed, students may access their email account with their temporary password: initials (first letter capitalized) and 6 digit date of birth

  • Students should then customize their password for privacy  

  • For password assistance, please call/email Helpdesk at (951) 222-8388 or helpdesk@rccd.edu 

Control “SPAM” or Unsolicited Email 
It is possible that messages sent to you from Norco College may be considered “spam” and sent directly to your junk folder. Please check your junk mail folder when you log in to ensure you do not miss any important emails from Norco College. Being cautious about the sharing of your email address while online will help reduce the amount of unsolicited email you receive. Microsoft has a strict Anti-Spam Policy prohibiting the use of email accounts to send spam.

Forward Norco College Email to an Existing Email Address 
Relay email that goes to your Norco College mailbox to your own personal email address so you don’t need to check multiple email accounts. ​​