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UMOJA is designed to increase academic success among all students at Norco College with an emphasis on the African-American population. A major key to student success is through fostering a sense of community. Through the linking of academic, social, and cultural offerings, the UMOJA program aims to promote student success as well as to develop leadership skills in its members.

With courses focused on African-American culture, experience and literature, UMOJA welcomes any interested student regardless of race, ethnicity or gender. The following is a sampling of courses offered through UMOJA:

Summer 2019​

  • MAT 12--Statistics 
Fall 2019
  • English 1A -- English Composition (Emphasis on African-American Argument) 
  • Guidance 47 -- Career Exploration/Life Planning
  • SOC 10 -- Race and Ethnic Relations
  • COM 1-- Public Speaking (Emphasis on African-American Speech)
Winter 2020
  • ​MAT 12 --Statistics

Spring 2020
  • ​English 1B -- Critical Thinking (Analysis of African-American Literature) 
  • English 1A -- English Composition (Emphasis on African-American Argument) 
  • SOC 1 -- Introduction to Sociology​
  • GUI 46 -- Introduction Transfer Process (HBCU, CSU, UC & Private schools)
  • COM 9 -- Interpersonal Communication (Emphasis on African-American Communication)
  • LIB 1 -- Introduction to Information Literacy 
  • ART 9 -- African Art History

UMOJA focuses on community service beneficial to the student’s educational and personal progress and helps provide students with an opportunity to participate in social, cultural and public service opportunities at Norco College and in the local community.

UMOJA provides services and resources to members in the form of additional counseling services, student mentorship and community as well as priority registration for all Norco classes during enrollment in the UMOJA academic program.

To Apply: Click here​ to complete the UMOJA Application online.

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For More Information:

Anita Bailey
UMOJA Student Success Coach
Send Email​​​
(951) 738-7797, SSV 2nd Floor, Transfer Center

Dr. Janet Hill
Assistant Professor, Sociology
Send Email​​​
(951) 372-7066, PA 109

Ashlee Johnson
Assistant Professor, Engineering Tech
Send Email​​​
(951) 738-7749, ATEC 103

Natalie Aceves
Associate Faculty, Communications
Send Email​​​
(951) 372-7043, SSV 2nd Floor, Transfer Center​ 

Kiandra Jimenez
Associate Faculty, English
Send Email​​​
(951) 738-7707, SSV 203

Sally Ellis
​​​​Associate Faculty, Librarian

Sean Davis
Send Email
(951) 738-7707, SSV 203​​​​


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