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​Your Path to Financial Freedom Begins Here

The Norco College Financial Freedom program provides financial education designed to help college students make responsible and wise financial decisions.  Through this program, all Norco College students have free access to nationally acclaimed personal finance training, interactive online finance workshops, and financial resources.  

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Use the buttons below to access our online financial services:

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​For questions regarding the Financial Freedom program, please contact David Schlanger at david.schlanger@norcocollege.edu​

The Norco College Financial Freedom program helps students develop financial literacy and learn healthy financial habits by providing general information for educational purposes only. Staff who meet with students provide resources and guidance on a variety of topics, but do not provide investment, legal, or tax advice. Furthermore, any links to third-party resources or services are provided as a convenience and are for information purposes only. Norco College does not endorse or approve any of the products, services, or opinions of the entities associated with these links. If you need advice applicable to your specific financial or tax situation, please consult with a professional.​​​​​​​

​​* The Norco College Financial Freedom program is sponsored by the Title V “PACES" Grant (Pathways to Access, Completion, Equity and Success).  The PACES project is funded by the U.S. Department of Education's Developing Hispanic-Serving Institutions (DHSI) program (Grant P031S190318).​