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Transfer Center

Our transfer center staff is here to help you learn about important transfer information, requirements, and processes so you can increase your ability to transfer to a four-year university. We serve as the Central Hub on campus for transfer support, services, and resources.

To assist in this effort, we strive to provide comprehensive transfer activities such as our Transfer Fairs and various transfer-focused workshops. We provide knowledge on the transfer pathways available to you, transfer guarantee programs, major and career exploration, transfer application support, meetings with various universities, and transfer counseling services. 

  • Streamline your transfer pathway! Prepare for transfer in your first semester to ensure you are not taking excess classes
  • Enter into a guaranteed transfer pathway! Learn about UC and CSU guarantee transfer programs early to make sure you will meet the requirements when the time comes to apply.
    • ​​​Explore additional academic programs on campus that will increase transfer success.
  • Meet with a Transfer Counselor! Have one counselor help you develop an academic plan that will set you up for transfer and career success!
    • ​​Connect with our transfer counselor to make sure your intended major and degree are needed for your career goal.
  • Meet with an Educational Advisor! The Transfer Center Educational Advisor will help you connect with universities, explore potential majors, and university options, and stay on track to transfer. 
    • When it is time for you to transfer, your Educational Advisor is here to help you with the entire application process! From application to admissions.​
​The transfer application was your first step in the transfer process. Check your email! Each campus that you applied to will reach out and let you know what your next steps are as a transfer applicant. Enroll in our Transfer Center Course to receive updates and reminders about upcoming deadlines.​

Check out your next steps as a transfer applicant, including what to do when you've been conditionally admitted to your university! Attend a Next Steps Workshop! Check out our Calendar to sign up today! 

​​Meet with a Transfer Advisor​
Same Day Drop-in Appointments
​Meet with a University Rep​​
Meet with a  Counselor​
​​​Online and In-person appointments can book up to 10 days in advance. The Transfer Center Ed. Advisor can assist with many of your transfer needs including:
  • ADT requirements
  • UC TAG
  • GE & Major prep Overview
  • Transfer Applications
  • And More
Ask for Natalie!
Online and in-person  Transfer advisor drop-in appointments are on a first-come, first-serve basis and can provide assistance with:
  • ​ADT Verifications
  • Transcripts
  • Transfer Portals 
  • Transfer Applications
  • And More
Learn how to be a competitive applicant, major prep. requirements, GPA, and about the campus resources available.  Online and In-person options vary by university. 

View University Rep Schedule On our Calendar​

​Our Transfer counselor is available for online appointments. Develop a student educational plan, check TAG status, and learn your transfer requirements!

Make An Appointment


When you are ready to apply for transfer, we will walk you through the application to make sure all the information is completed properly. We have transfer application workshops for the Cal States, UC's, UC TAG, and the Common Application. We will also assist you with your next steps (after you apply for transfer).

View our Workshop Calendar​

Sometimes you just have a quick question about a course, an email, or even trying to understand your Student Educational Plan (SEP). The Transfer Center Educational Advisor can help you understand all things transfer, just ask for Natalie!  Make an online appointment  OR attend a Drop-in Session​ with Natalie, you can also call, text, or email:
Phone: ​(951) 372-7043
Text: (650) 492-8607
Email: Send Email​


Natalie Aceves, Transfer Center Educational Advisor
Phone: (951) 372-7043  
Text Only: (650) 492-8607  
Email: natalie.aceves@norcocollege.edu

Summer 2024
(MON): 9:30AM - 5:00PM
(TUE) 8:00AM - 5:00PM
(WED): 8:00AM - 5:00PM
(THUR): 8:00AM - 5:00PM
(Sat & Sun): CLOSED
Text Us: (650) 492-8607