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Assessment Center

The Assessment process is an important step to identify the appropriate placement courses for English, reading, math and/or ESL. These results provide direction and assist in making more informed choices to help you realize your educational goals.

UPDATE:   With the newly enacted AB 705 bill,  Norco College has implemented a new assessment process to maximize the opportunity for students to enter transfer level coursework for English and math.  Click here to learn more about AB 705​

Placements for English, reading and math are now measured by using high school information instead of a test.

Please note, students​ interested in English as a Second Language (ESL), courses will need to complete the Proficiency Test for English as a Second Language (PTESL)

To complete the Assessment, you may come in as a drop-in during the Assesment and Advisement session hours  (see calendar​).  The Assessment and Advisement session includes:

  • Completion of the assessment survey
  • Career Assessment (first-time college students)
  • Meet with an Educational Advisor to review results, receive recommended courses and complete an abbreviated first semester plan (first-time college students).


Alternative Placement