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Strategic Planning​​

Strategic Planning Process

As a means of achieving Strategic Goals, the College adopted Strategic Planning Processes to ensure that institutional planning, unit/program review, and resource allocation are all fully integrated. These Processes, the Strategic Planning Implementation Process and the Norco College Prioritization Process, are incorporated into the Strategic Planning Cycle.​

Educational Master Plan

EMP-Executive Summary​​​


     NorcoStrategicPlan.jpg               NorcoFMP.jpg                NorcoDEPlan.jpg  

 Strategic Plan & Governance Manual​       Facilities Master Plan​​ ​                    Distance Education Plan 

                     2020-2025                                               2030                                                    2014

   ​  Tech-Plan-2025.png                NorcoEquityPlan.jpg                 Integrated-Plan-2017-2019-FINAL-01-24-2018-NOR.jpg   

                Technology Strategic Plan​              Student Equity Plan​                          Integrated Plan

                           2019-2025                                     2019-2022                                     2017-2019


                                                                           RCCD Strategic Plan