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Norco Advantage

Norco College is pleased to present the Norco Advantage experience to graduating high school seniors through our partnerships with local feeder high schools in our service area.

High School Visitations to Norco College

Norco Advantage is a half-day in-person orientation experience offered in partnership with local feeder high schools that involves the following activities:

  • ​New student orientation
    • General information
    • Programs and services overview
    • Important things every student should know
    • Steps to enroll at Norco College
  • ​Hands-on activities to learn about our academic pathways
  • ​​Peer panel – Q&A with current Norco College students
  • Campus tour
  • Plus, each high school student who attends will be granted an early registration date for their first year at Norco College!

Staff members from local feeder high schools interested in arranging a Norco Advantage visit can contact Outreach Services at (951) 739-7856 or outreach@norcocollege.edu

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