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​School of Applied Technologies & Apprenticeships​

School of Applied Technologies and Apprenticeships Banner​The Norco College School of Applied Technologies & Apprenticeships offers a number of certificate pattern programs. Certificate programs, leading to an associate of science degree require a minimum of 18 units (6 classes or so).​

The School of Applied Technologies & Apprenticeships provides relevant, rigorous and career-focused degree programs that meet the needs of self-directed adults who seek to achieve educational and professional goals.

Certificates can be completed within one and a half to two years and lead to employment!

Each course required for the certificate must be completed with a "C" grade or better and all can be counted toward the degree as well as the major.

Mission Statement

The Construction, Carpentry, Drafting, Electricity, Electronics, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Manufacturing, Supply Chain Automation and Supply Chain Technology programs are part of the School of Applied Technologies & Apprenticeships and, as such, have developed the following mission statement: 
“The School of Applied Technologies & Apprenticeships Programs are designed to increase the capabilities of our diverse community through empowering students in developing technical skills, analytical abilities, critical thinking, and global mindset. Our efforts are to develop local and regional competitiveness for businesses by preparing students and expanding the skills of life-long learners. Our mission is to provide an equitable learning environment and offer a curriculum from which Applied Technologies & Apprenticeships students develop the relevant skills necessary for academic and professional success."

Dean of Instruction: Ashley Etchison
Department Chair: Paul VanHulle
Counselor: Sean Davis
Educational Advisor: Nelya Parada
Instructional Department Specialist: Melissa Olivieri

Faculty Advisors​

​​​Farshid Mirzaei
Farshid Mirzaei, M.Arch.​
Associate Professor,
and Engineering

Full-Time Faculty
ATEC 104
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​​​Khosrow Rad
Khosrow Rad, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Electronics/

Full-Time Faculty
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​​​James Thomas
James Thomas, D.P.A.

Full-Time Faculty
IT 200I
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​​​Paul Van Hulle
Paul Van Hulle, M.A.
Assistant Professor,

Full-Time Faculty
ATEC 102
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​​​Jesus Vela
Jesus Vela, M.A.
Associate Faculty, Electronics/
Business Administration

Full-Time Faculty
ATEC 102
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Pathways & Programs


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