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​​Career Assessments

The Norco College Career Center offers a variety of career assessments to help you learn about your career valuesskillsinterests, and abilities.  These self-assessment tools are designed to help you reflect on your strengths and occupational preferences and learn how you might apply them in the workforce.  Personality assessments are also available to identify how you prefer to communicate with others, which can provide insight into which careers you will find most satisfying. ​

Introductory Assessments 

Career assessments based on your values, skills, personality, and interests are available for FREE and can be completed online or on a drop-in basis.  The initial set of assessments takes about one hour to complete.  Once the assessments are completed, it is important to schedule a one-on-one interpretation of your results with a counselor (who may then recommend additional assessments if needed). 

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​​You can access the introductory assessments using the Eureka Career Information System at www.eureka.org and using site ID code IUJRUYV to access the Norco College site.  Then, complete the self-assessments labeled “MicroSkills", “What Are My Values", and True Colors".  The results will suggest occupations aligned with your skills, interests, values, and personality.

​Be sure to schedule an appointment to have your results interpreted by a counselor by calling (951) 372-7147 or sending an e-mail to careercenter@norcocollege.edu. ​

Additional Assessments ​

​The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment is available when referred by a counselor to help you understand how you and others take in information and make decisions. ​​Taking the MBTI assessment and discussing your report with a certified practitioner can help you identify innate preferences and understand how those preferences influence your career decisions and how you interact with others in the workplace.  ​

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The Strong Interest Inventory (SII) is a leading career-planning tool for those seeking career direction. The SII is based on the idea that individuals are more satisfied and productive when they work in jobs or at tasks that they find interesting and with people whose interests are similar to their own.  The assessment compares you results to people in all types of careers who love their jobs.​

If referred by a counselor, you may access the MBTI and SII assessments through the Elevate Assessment System: 

  1. Visit the Norco College Elevate site to access the assessments.
    • ​Click here to access the Myers Briggs Type Indicator assessment: Take the MBTI!
    • Click here to access the Strong Interest Inventory: Take the Strong!
  1. Complete the brief registration information (or log in if you have previously registered for the Elevate platform). 
  1. Complete the assessment you were referred to take.  If you were referred to complete more than one assessment, return to this page to select additional links above.

After completing an assessment, you will not be able to view your results until you schedule an interpretation appointment with a counselor by calling (951) 372-7147 or sending an e-mail to careercenter@norcocollege.edu

Contact the Career Center today for more information:
(951) 372-7147  |  careercenter@norcocollege.edu