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Racial Justice Taskforce​

​2022-23 Charter


The Norco College Racial Justice Taskforce was created in light of the Black Lives Matter movement and the California State Chancellor's Call to Action. We are committed to inclusivity and will be adding to our collection of resources encompassing the diverse group of students and employees we proudly serve.  

Racial Justice Taskforce Purpose

  • Identify racial inequities and dismantle racist practices in our institution for students and employees
  • Inward assessment to examine where and how systemic racism is affecting our students and employees
  • Audit classroom climate and create action plan to create inclusive classrooms and anti-racism curriculum (Call to Action) 
  • Develop and implement action plans to eliminate racial inequities in our institution
  • Identify manifestations of systemic racism and anti-Blackness within our institution
  • Educate on how to identify race issues at the college

▪ Be visible ▪ Open, honest conversation ▪ Listen to learn ▪ Share airtime ▪ Be present in the conversation ▪ Be open to new perspectives ▪ Establish level of confidentiality ▪ Call in culture ▪ Lean into discomfort and be brave ▪ No titles, no positions ▪

President's Statement

Dear Norco College Community, 

The Norco College mission, deeply rooted over 29 years, is to serve as an institution that celebrates diversity and inclusion, expands access, and relentlessly pursues equity. We actively stand and educate against racism and are committed to ensuring that students receive an education free from discrimination in a welcoming and affirming environment.  

As a community of educators, learners, dreamers, doers, activists, artists, inventors, and change agents, we believe that education is the great equalizer in our society. As a college community, we use our platform to amplify the voices of our students, of all students. We have a moral obligation to lead by modeling civility, embracing justice, showing respect, and opposing oppression and hatred.  Read full statement here​

Report Discrimination

Norco College has zero tolerance for discrimination. If you would like to report an incident, please fill out this eform.

​​​Statements of Support​

2021 Project Team Members

​​​Black Student Care


  • Tenisha James, Dean, Student Services
  • Kaneesha Tarrant, VP Student Services


  • Steven Camacho, Assistant Professor, English
  • Dallas Carter, Classified Professional Representative
  • Bibiana Lopez, Assistant Professor, Math
  • Kimberly Thomas, Student Resource Specialist

Celebrating Black and African American Culture


  • Charise Allingham, Classified Professional Representative
  • Antonio Muñiz, Classified Professional Representative


  • Melissa Bader, Associate Professor, English
  • Sean Davis, Assistant Professor, Counseling Umoja
  • Gilbert Deleon, Classified Professional Representative
  • Kiandra Jimenez, Assistant Professor, English
  • Amy Kramer, Assistant Professor, Counseling

Classroom and Campus Experience


  • Lisa Nelson, Associate Professor, English
  • Dominique Hitchcock, Professor, Spanish and French


  • Peggy Campo, Associate Professor, Anatomy and Physiology
  • Bibiana Lopez, Associate Professor, Math
  • Courtney Buchanan, Assistant Professor, Anthropology
  • Quinton Bemiller, Dean of Instruction
  • Ammanda Moore, Assistant Professor, Communications
  • Melanie Golbach, Classified Professional Representative​

Institutional Commitment


  • Monica Green, President
  • Gustavo Oceguera, Dean of Grants and Student Equity Initiatives


  • Greg Ferrer, Director, Disability Resource Center
  • Janet Hill, Assistant Professor, Sociology
  • Sandra Popiden, Assistant Professor, Political Science
  • Daniel Turrubiartes, Classified Professional Representative​

Meeting Schedule

Beginning September 12, 2022 meetings will be:

2nd Monday of the month | 1:30-3:00 pm in OC-116 or Zoom: 

4th Monday of the month | 1:30-3:00 pm in OC-116 or Zoom: 

Membership is voluntary, please contact Dominique Hitchcock​ or Monica Green​ for more information.

Supporting Documents​


First Call to Action Forum

Project Team Charters
Institutional Commitment Project Team - Draft​

Agendas and Notes

Aug 14, 2020   ​Agenda​​  | Notes​
Nov   6, 2020  ​ Agenda​​​​​  | Notes​​​
Jan   8, 2021 ​  Agenda​​​​​  | Notes​​​​​
May   7, 2021 ​  Agenda​​​​​  | Notes



Recommended Multimedia ​




TV Miniseries

Black Minds Matter 

Black Minds Matter was designed as a free, public course to draw parallels between the violence facing Black Lives in policing and the symbolic violence facing Black Minds in schools, colleges, and universities. Black Minds Matter addresses the experiences and realities of Black males in education, drawing parallels between the Black Lives Matter movement and the ways that Black minds are engaged in the classroom.

RECORDING Session 1 - Features special guests Dr. Tyrone Howard and Shante Needham (sister of Sandra Bland). HERE: BLACK MINDS MATTER SESSION 1

RECORDING Session 2 - Features special guests Dr. Gloria Ladson-Billings, Dr. Ivory Toldson, and Gwen Carr (the mother of Eric Garner). BLACK MINDS MATTER SESSION 2

REGISTER For Session 3 - You should access all future sessions at youtube/com/c/coralearning. However, you can REGISTER to receive notices from Zoom (optional). Features special guests. Dr. William Smith, Dr. Eboni Zamani-Gallaher, Dr. Frank Harris III & Michael Brown Sr. (the father of Michael Brown Jr.)

A SHORT READ. If you are looking for an article to read, here is a new one on Black Girls "I Love My Hair: The Weaponizing of Black Girls' Hair​"

DONATE. Our featured guest this week was Gwen Carr (the mother of Eric Garner). Please consider supporting her foundation: http://garnerwayfoundation.org/

FREE CEU'S. The Center for Organizational Responsibility and Advancement (CORA), is providing free CEU's to those who participate in Black Minds Matter. CEU's can be earned for participation in the series by attending each session and completing the readings identified within the public syllabus. Go here to register for CEU's: https://coralearning.org/product/black-minds-matter/

SYLLABUS. We have put together a public course syllabus identifying the learning outcomes of the series along with recommended readings. Click here to retrieve the Public Syllabus.


Black Student Voices​ 

Shaun LeFlore

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