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Assessment in English and Math


The Assessment process is an important step to identify appropriate placements and assist in making more informed choices to help you realize your educational goals. With the newly enacted AB 705 Bill, Norco College has implemented a new placement process to maximize the opportunity for students to enter transfer-level coursework for English and math.

  • Placement results can be located in WebAdvisor and MyPortal by going to Academic Planning then clicking on the Placement Test Summary link.
  • Students are highly encouraged to meet with an Educational Advisor or a Counselor to better understand placement results.
  • If your placements were completed before October 1, 2018, you may be eligible to receive new placements. Click here for further information.
  • See “Guided Self-Placement” below for more information about the possibility of enrolling into a higher-level course or opting out of the support course.

Assessment in English as a Second Language (ESL)


  • Click here for further information.

AB-705 Information


California Assembly Bill AB 705 requires colleges to take into account high school coursework, high school grades, and high school grade point average when determining math and English placement upon enrollment.
Important announcement regarding AB-705

  • Frequently Asked Questions regarding AB-705
  • How to take the Placement Survey

  • How to read the Schedule of Classes

  • Math video regarding AB-705

  • Understanding your math placements

  • Students - Know Your Rights!

    Watch this video for more information on assessment tests.

Guided Self-Placement


Per AB 705, students have the right to complete our locally developed process for self-placement into English, math and English as a Second Language (ESL).

  • For English guided self-placement, students who do not place into ENG-1A directly may opt-out of ENG-91 by completing a simple form; click here for further information.
  • For math guided self-placement, students must visit with a counselor (schedule online counseling appointment) to discuss appropriate placement. In certain circumstances, some students will be referred to the Math Department Chair for further assistance in self-placement.
  • For English as a Second Language (ESL) self-guided placement, students who feel they would benefit from English language instruction may visit RCCD Guided Self-Placement Tool to take the ESL GSP.