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30 Years of Transformation

​​On March 13, 2021, Norco College will be celebrating 30 Years of Transformation. To commemorate our 30-years, we are offering the opportunity to give $30 towards our Silver Scholarship, which supports one eligible student a year to receive up to $1,000 for tuition and books. If you are interested in giving, click on the Make a Gift button and type in Silver Scholarship under other.

The twelve-month celebration will highlight our transformation that includes historical archives, stories, videos and timelines.​

Message from the President​​​

Monica GreenIt is hard to believe that Norco College opened its doors in 1991, with approximately 500 students enrolled. Today, the College is home to over 16,000 students, and counting. Riverside Community College leaders first began to dream about a branch campus in the area and on June 4, 1985, that dream was realized when more than 141 acres of U.S. government-owned land—the site that would become Norco College—were acquired by RCCD for one dollar to build a satellite campus.

Since the beginning, student success, transformation, and excellence has been the cornerstone of everything we do. Our classified professionals, faculty, and leadership continue to encourage an inclusive environment, full off opportunities, access, and resources for our students. Thank you to our amazing community, partners, students, and alumni for always supporting Norco College. You make it possible to continue providing extra resources through your donations. In honor of our anniversary, we are offering the opportunity to contribute $30 dollars in honor of 30-years towards the Silver Scholarship Fund. The Silver Scholarship Fund allows for one eligible student a year to receive up to $1,000 for tuition and books.

I invite you to take a moment and explore the webpage as the College celebrates the past, present, and future throughout March 2022.

Monica Green, Ed.D.​​
President, Norco College

Note: Under other, type in Silver Scholarship