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​VDI (also known as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) is a virtual desktop that allows you to use a secured virtual computer to access on-premises resources via a web browser. VDI is replacing VPN as RCCD's solution for remote access. It does not require RCCD-owned equipment. This method of access replaces the previous VPN AnyConnect method, because it is much more secure and a consistent experience for everyone.

To access VDI, go to https://remote.rccd.edu/​.

09-01-2022 - You can now log into VDI using the MyApps portal (https://myapplications.microsoft.com).  The VDI app on your MyApps homepage will look like the icon highlighted in the screenshot below:

RCCD MyApps homepage with VDI app icon

​Training Documents

Training Videos

  • Word Document iconRCCD VDI User Guide.docx​ - This training manual is a living document.  It will be continually updated as new content arises.​

Remote Work / VDI Webinar - 04-16-2020

​Requesting Help with VDI

If you are having issues with VDI, ​please submit a work order to the helpdesk at ServiceDesk​.