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​Previou​​s Benefits Users

You are classified as a Previous Benefit User if you have previously received educational benefits at another institution and would like to resume your educational ​​benefits at Norco College.

Step 1: Apply for Veteran Educational Benefits

    • Chapter 33, 30, VRAP, 1606 or 1607: Complete Form 22-1995 or Chapter 35: Complete Form 22-5495 
    • Forms may be submitted online at the GI Bill® website​. ​​​​
    • Provide a copy of the Change of Program/location Form to the VA Certifying Official. 

Step 2: Complete Enrollment Process at Norco College (If applicable)

    • Submit an application for admission. Wait 24-48 hours for processing. 
    • Take the Assessment Test 
    • Complete New Student Online Orientation 

Step 3: Mail or hand-carry Official Transcripts to Norco College

    • Transcripts must be official, sealed, and less than 90 days old. 
    • Include Military transcripts (Army, National Guard, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard) and all other high school and college transcripts. 

Step 4: Meet with a VA Certifying Official

    • Select Program of Study - For VA purposes, a specific approved educational goal must be chosen. No undecided or General Education programs will be accepted by the VA. Norco College articulation agreements are found at A list of approved programs is available at the GI Bill®​​ website. ​
    • Request for evaluation of prior coursework - All prior coursework must be evaluated before student education plans are created. 
    • In order to proceed to the next step, you must be approved by a VA Certifying Official. 

Step 5: Meet with a VA Academic Counselor for a VA Student Education Plan

    • Classes that are included in the Students Educational Plan (SEP) will be payable by the VA. A student may only pursue one educational goal at a time. Change of educational goal should be discussed with a VA Certifying Official at the time of meeting. 
    • When registering for classes refer to your copy of the SEP. Only required classes on the SEP are payable by the VA. 

Step 6: Register for classes using WebAdvisor

    • Veterans Priority Registration Eligibility Requirement - Veterans will receive 4 years of priority registration from the date of separation as listed on the DD214. Submit your DD214 to a VA Certifying Official for approval. 
    • Registration dates and times are issued to every student. Click on My Registration Date/Holds on WebAdvisor. View the Registration Video located under Instructions/Tutorials on WebAdvisor for assistance. 
    • Pay attention to important dates (last day to add, drop with refund, without a “W”, and with a “W”) and remember that it is your responsibility to drop your class. 

​Step 7: Submit the Veterans Intent & Statement of Responsibility (VISoR) & receive Certification

    • The VISoR is available in the Veterans Resource Center (SSV 2nd Floor) or located on the forms webpage. The VISoR must be completed by the student every semester. 
    • A Certifying Official will verify that the courses match the student’s VA Student Education Plan before proceeding with VA certification. 
    • Once certification at Norco College is complete, students will receive a VA Certification ID number. Veterans/dependents may call 1-888-GIBILL®​-1 to verify enrollment and payment status.​