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​​​E​valuations​ & Graduation

Graduating students must submit a ​Degree/ Certificate Application with the evaluations office to receive their degree or certificate. 

Degree/ Certificate Application

​You will need to log into WebAdvisor​ and choose Degree Application or Certificate Application from the Students Menu​.​

Degree & Certificate Application Deadlines 

In every academic year students may apply for degrees and certificates during the four application periods:

  • First day of Summer term thru July 15 to graduate in Summer 
  • First day of Fall term thru October 15 to graduate in Fall 
  • First day of Winter thru February 1 to graduate in Winter 
  • First day of Spring term thru April 1 to graduate in Spring 

It is recommended that students apply early in the academic year as an email will be sent to the student's RCCD email address which will detail the progress and any courses that may still be needed to complete degree or certificate requirements. Students are encouraged to meet with their counselor if there are questions about academic program requirements.
  1. ​Students are strongly encouraged, though not required, to schedule an appointment with a counselor prior to submitting their application. To schedule an appointment, please call the Counseling Center at (951) 372-7101 or schedule an appointment online.

  2. There is no fee for applying for a degree or certificate. 

  3. Submit the graduation application for ADT, AA/AS, or certificate online. 

  4. Students receiving a state approved Certificate of Achievement totaling 18 or more units may participate in the commencement ceremony. 

  5. Students who change their mailing address after they applied must update their address with admissions and records. Please email once your address has been updated with Admissions. 

  6. Students who wish to have a name different than their legal name in place of their first or last name must go through the formal process to update their name and submit proof of the change of legal name with the admissions and records office.

  7. Students using external credits to meet graduation requirements, such as AP exam, CLEP exam, IB exam or military credit, must submit the official external exam scores and/or JST to the admissions and records office at the time of or before submitting the application.

  8. Official transcripts from other colleges attended by the student must be on file with the admissions and records office at the time of application.

  9. Foreign transcripts must be evaluated by an approved transcript evaluation service. Students should seek advice from a counselor prior to evaluating foreign transcripts.

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