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​Administration of Justice

Students begin their foundation coursework in criminal justice through our Administration of Justice program leading towards an Associate Degree for transfer, Associate Science Degree in Administration of Justice, a state Certificate in Crime Scene Investigation, employment, and/or continued education towards a graduate degree. Our Administration of Justice courses will guide students through the various components of our criminal justice system including law enforcement, courts, corrections, probation, parole, crime scene investigations, our juvenile justice system, constitutional rights, and safeguards, and criminal justice theory. 

Within our program, we offer 17 different courses within six guided pathways to align students in one of many career choices within our legal system.  We also offer honors courses in Law in American Society which includes 14 different areas of law besides criminal justice.​

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Career Options

Career options for students who get a degree in administration of justice include: judge, lawyer, paralegal, legal assistant, police officer, private detective, reporter, archivist, curator, planner, writer, news correspondent, and broadcast news analyst.

​​Student of Distinction

​ ​

​ ​Kellie Blair

Norco College student Kellie Blair​ was selected as the 2021  Student of Distinction in the discipline of Administration of  Justice. She was nominated by Professor Sigrid Williams.

“My major is in criminal justice,” said Kellie. “I'm also getting ​ the certificate for criminal investigations with Dr. Williams, and I hope to go to Washington or Texas or continue my education here in California, and then to join the army or become a police officer.”​

Academic Programs in Administration of Justice

The academic maps below will give you an idea of the classes you need to take. However, please meet with a counselor to personalize your education plan.

​School Trailhead for Social & Behavioral Sciences 
Suggested Initial Coursework​​
Associate of Arts (AA) Degree - Area of Emphasis (AOE)
in Social & Behavioral Sciences - CSU Pathway

Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) to a CSU or UC School - Administration of Justice
Pathway Map for ADT to a CSU or UC School - Administration of Justice
​​Program Flyer (Crime Scene Investigation)
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