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Norco College Embarks on a Monumental Community Art Project: A Tapestry of Inclusivity and Unity

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Norco College is excited to announce the commencement of a transformative college-wide initiative, the creation of the institution's very first mosaic mural, generously sponsored by the Associated Students of Norco College (ASNC). This visionary project is set to become a remarkable testament to the collective effort and passion of the Norco College community. It will grace the second-floor entrance to the Brenda and William Davis Center for Student Success in a beautifully designed representation of the student body of Norco College.

Inspired by the Racial Justice Task Force Community Mosaic Series, aptly titled "Sawubona," meaning "I See You," this mosaic mural promises to be a lasting tribute to inclusivity and unity. “Our aspiration is that this work of art will continue to resonate with and inspire future generations of Norco College students, allowing them to see themselves reflected in its vibrant tapestry for years to come,” said Norco College President, Dr. Monica Green.

A Journey of Dedication and Collaboration

The path to bringing this mosaic mural to life has been a journey marked by dedication and collaboration. It all began with the relentless efforts of the Racial Justice Task Force, which convened a project team tasked with enhancing the campus's appeal to students through events, outreach initiatives, and visual representations. In 2021, the Celebrating Black and African American Culture project team, in partnership with Umoja, envisioned a campus transformed with color and life through the commissioning of a mural. The project officially kicked off in December 2021, with the search for a muralist and the ideal location for this artistic masterpiece. In a unifying culmination, students and college employees joined forces to share their creative ideas, images, concepts, and a palette of vibrant colors. The final leg of this journey, from concept to realization, saw ASNC's approval of project funding in April 2022.

The Community-Mosaic Project's Aspirations

The community-mosaic project carries several significant goals:
  • Empower students to create art that mirrors their unique Norco College experience.
  • Educate students and employees in the art of collaborative, community-based artwork for this and future projects.
  • Reflect and represent the diverse Norco College student body.
  • Establish the completed mural as a prominent landmark, not only for Norco College but also for the city of Norco and the Inland Empire.

Meet the Artist: Erin Maxwell Maroufkhani

Leading this creative endeavor is Erin, a local community artist, teacher, and accomplished muralist. Erin has previously co-organized numerous community mosaic projects across Riverside, including the National Wall of Respect and Riverside's Rise! mosaic mural. With a fervent belief that the art of mosaic is accessible to all, Erin is eager to share her expertise in the process. To learn more about Erin's work, please visit her website at Norco College is truly fortunate to have Erin's creativity and expertise enriching this collaborative community art project.

Project Timeline

The project's timeline is as follows:
  • The first orientation session commenced on October 2nd, and the assembly process is currently underway throughout the fall term.
  • The completed mosaic mural is scheduled to be installed in spring 2024, with a grand reveal ceremony soon to follow. Save the date for this momentous occasion, which will be sent out in early 2024.

How to Get Involved: Be a Part of Norco College's History

An open invitation is extended to all individuals to participate in the creation of this representative work of art. It is not a requirement to possess artistic skills to learn the art of mosaic. Individuals interested in joining this artistic endeavor or following the project process are encouraged to visit the Norco College Community Mosaic Mural webpage. In the event of missing the orientation, participants need not be concerned; they have the option to select a Monday date for a brief tutorial from the artist before embarking on their creative contributions. Further details, project updates, and the ability to monitor the progress of this remarkable project can be found on the project's website.

Photo Norco College students at the first Mosaic Mural session
Photo of Norco College students at the first mosaic session.

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