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E-sports: A Promising Future and a Smashing Passion to Help Foster Youth

​​​Rochelle Duran, tournament competitorChristian Bennett, Alex Rodgers, Sam Barsamian, Noah Even, Cristian Bayona, Dario Moran, Michael Gregorey

(First Photo:  Rochelle Duran, tournament competitor; Second Photo (left to right): Christian Bennett, Alex Rodgers, Sam Barsamian, Noah Even, Cristian Bayona, Dario Moran, Michael Gregorey)


The Norco College E-sports Association held their second “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" tournament on May 30, with a total of 34 participants and over 100 spectators. The finalist received a visa card scholarship prize of $75.00 dollars.


“The tournament exceeded our expectations," said Roshan Uma, President, Norco College E-sports Association. “We want to get students involved in the bigger picture of a fully-fledged esports team ready for competition."


Currently, there are 104 students that are part of the E-sports Association and counting. Samuel Barsamian, association vice president, explains that esports provides another pathway for students to get into college and stay motivated. He shared his story about him becoming involved with esports after a severe sports related injury. He mentioned that competing in tournaments gave him something to do and helped him cope with his injury.


In April, the E-sports Association held a successful inaugural tournament and had the unique opportunity to work with a group of high school students that were part of the Phoenix Scholars Program (Foster Youth).  The high school students had the opportunity to play for 30 minutes, allowing them to experience an event on a college campus. Every student that took part in this experience mentioned that they would consider Norco College because of the esports program.


“This impact alone gives us determination to push on with the program and offer more opportunities that help our foster youth thrive," said Uma.


For more information about the program, contact Ana Molina​.

Tournament coverage by the Press Enterprise