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Email: NorcoEC@norcocollege.edu                                                                         Location: ST-107 & 108 
Call   (951) 372-7176                                                                                                                     Office Hours:
 Text  (951) 336-1883​                                                                                             ​Mon & Wed:  8 am to 6 pm
​Tues, Thur & Friday: 8 am to 4 pm​​


 I just got my Norco College ID number, what do I do next?

Join us on zoom to receive assistance with or learn more about:

May 25 - 2pm​​ to 4pm​
May 26 - 9am to 11am
May 30 - 10am to 2pm​
May 31 - 10am to 2pm
June 1 - 10am to 12pm
June 2 - 9am to 11am​​​

​  Chemistry Diagnostic Test (see below)

  Complete the English as a Second Language (ESL) Guided Self-Placement Tool ​(see below)

​​Appointments w/ an Educational Advisor

First-time college students need to complete an Advisement Session to be cleared for registration into courses.  An Ed. Advisor will discuss potential courses for your first semester and answer questions or concerns regarding your first semester.  
After booking your appointment you'll receive an email confirmation to your RCCD email address with a Zoom meeting link. Save this email to access your online appointment.

Spanish Test

The Spanish test is available for students who wish to enroll in Spanish 2 or above courses.  
After booking your appointment you'll receive an email
to your RCCD email address with the Zoom meeting link.  You'll receive a separate email from the proctor with instructions about the test. Make sure you read the emails completely. 

California Chemistry Diagnostic Test

The Chemistry Diagnostic Exam is for students who have already taken chemistry courses and would like to validate Chemistry 2A to enroll directly into Chemistry 1A. To take the Chemistry Diagnostic Test, students will need to meet with a counselor and provide supporting documentation.
Click here fo​r further information

English as a Second Language (ESL) Guided Self-Placement Tool

Students are now required to complete a survey to receive an ESL placement.  Please click here for further information about the new process.