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For Faculty


Thursday, June 7, 2018 at 6:00 pm

The 2018 Commencement for Norco College is fast approaching. As has come to be our tradition to celebrate this special occasion, the Associated Faculty of Norco College will host a reception for faculty from 4:00 to 5:15pm. The reception will be held in the Brenda and William Davis Center for Student Success Building in the Upper Lounge.  During the reception, several individuals will make brief remarks. 

Following the reception, please allow time to dress in your academic regalia and make your way to the stairwell near the Corral for the annual faculty photograph. A robing room will be provided in CSS‐205 and you will be able to secure any non‐valuable items (sweaters, jackets, etc.) in CSS‐203 to be retrieved immediately after the ceremony. Thank you for making other arrangements to secure valuable items such as purses, wallets, grade books, etc.

After the photo is taken a cadre of your steadfast deans will assist you in forming the lines to process to the soccer field. Dr. Kevin Fleming, Dr. Marshall Fulbright, Dr. Gustavo Oceguera, and Dr. Tenisha James will be ready to assist you; keep your eyes open for us. If you require assistants to the soccer field, please contact Dean Mark Hartley no later than June 5th so that arrangements can be made.

There will be bottled water at the faculty reception. Feel free to bring a bottle of water with you onto the soccer field for the ceremony. Please note, no water will be provided on the field.

We will begin to process to the soccer field in our appointed lines at 5:45p.m. As in past years, the procession will be led by your Academic Senate, followed by the faculty, and then college administrators. The district administrators and honored guests will follow onto the field.

As tradition dictates, we will form two lines to greet, congratulate, and applaud our students as they process forward onto the field. Following the student processional, you will move forward and take your seats behind the students.

For the recessional, please take your signals from Drs. Fleming, Fulbright, Oceguera, and James so we all leave in an orderly manner.

If you are aware of any of students cannot afford to purchase a cap and gown for the event, please have the student contact Dean Mark Hartley as soon as possible.

This is a very important occasion in the lives of our students. On behalf of the college administrator and staff teams, we look forward to sharing this special occasion with you.


  1. Commencement Ceremony Venue (Soccer Field)
  2. Rehearsal Venue (WEQ W6 & W7)
  3. Parking Designated for Guests with Disabilities (Parking Lot S)
  4. Faculty/Staff Parking (Parking Lot D)
  5. Board of Trustees & Dignitaries Parking (Parking Lot C)