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Internship & Work Experience Program

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Career & Technical Education at Norco College is proud to announce the formation of an Internship and Work Experience program dedicated to providing local employers with job placement services aimed at matching the needs of your business with qualified Norco College students. The goal of this program is to develop and facilitate relationships between local employers and Norco College students in an effort to bridge the gap between school and work.

Employer benefits from our services:

  • Pre-screened, qualified and enthusiastic job applicants.
  • Short-term employees to assist current employees.
  • Increase in productivity.
  • Identify potential future hires.
  • Low cost method of training potential future employees.
  • Provides your organization with fresh ideas and up to date industry knowledge.
  • Give back to the community and enhance the local workforce.
  • Help students gain experience, develop skills, network, strengthen resumes, learn about a career, and assess their interests and abilities.

Participating businesses and non-profits have the opportunity to test out potential employees by offering internship opportunities while they are still enrolled in a degree or certificate program. This means students will be studying up to date industry curriculum as well as learning hands on with your company. Employers have the opportunity to interview and select candidates for each placement offered. This saves organizations substantial money in recruitment costs.

By creating relationships with your business, Career & Technical Education also hopes to gain a better understanding of your hiring needs to better prepare students for entry into their chosen field. You also have the opportunity to participate in on campus recruitment events to connect with students and faculty directly. Your industry knowledge is a valuable tool in the professional development of students.

For more information please contact:
Ashley Etchison
Employment Placement Coordinator, Career & Technical Education
(951) 372-7086

Internship Preparation

What is an internship?
An internship is an experience where a student takes on a responsible role within a company/organization where they are able to put theory and classroom learning into practice and context.  An internship is an excellent way for a student to “test-drive” a career and learn about different career options and areas of their chosen academic field. 

Academic Internship: Allows a student to receive academic credit for their internship experience. This is the type of internship that is highly recommended as you are supervised by a faculty coordinator from the internship’s focus area and are assisted in developing learning objectives that are decided upon by you and the internship provider.  These learning objectives serve as the framework for your internship and require that the internship possess an academic framework.  Many times the faculty coordinator for an internship will visit the intern where they are working and conduct a “site visit” which includes a meeting between the internship supervisor, faculty coordinator, and intern. 

Paid Internship: Allows you to gain experience where compensation is awarded.  Some internships award compensation in the form of hourly pay, others provide stipends, and some will pay for tuition associated with internship class costs.

Non-paid/volunteer internship: Provides students with the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the same arena as a paid internship, but receive no compensation.  Many times non-profit organizations and other service agencies are not able to pay their interns.  Having completed a non-paid internship may illustrate to an employer that you are dedicated to your chosen area of interest because you have a passion for it and not for the monetary benefits. (Retrieved from: Internship Checklist)

Internship Tips/Steps

  1. Industry Research
  2. Resume and Cover Letter
  3. Interviewing Preparation
  4. Networking
    • Student Organizations
  5. Career & Job Placement Center/Counseling Department

Top 10 Tips for Interns