Norco College proudly announces that Michelle Ramin, Assistant Professor, Art, has been published in the esteemed art publication New American Paintings, Pacific Coast, Volume 169. Selected from hundreds of applicants across California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, and Alaska, Ramin's artwork is now part of this print exhibit. This recognition is a significant achievement for Ramin and a proud moment for the Norco College community.

"Being featured in New American Painting is an incredible honor," said Ramin. "This publication has always been a benchmark for contemporary art, and to be included is truly a milestone in my career."

Ramin's journey as an artist began in childhood, drawing with her grandmother. These early experiences, combined with rewards of color pencils for academic achievements, ignited her passion for art. Over the years, art became her means of self-expression and contemplation.

Ramin finds inspiration in everyday life, from conversations and news stories to travel experiences and contemporary art. Her recent work features collaged images that act as visual journal entries, representing her daily life and thoughts. Trips to art exhibitions, like the Venice Biennale, provide fresh inspiration, which she incorporates into her classroom teachings.

In recent years, Ramin has returned to using color pencils as her main medium, blending detailed representation with lessons learned from her time working with oils. This shift reflects her journey toward embracing imperfection and capturing the essence of her experiences.



Two small samples of Michelle Ramin’s artwork


(Two small samples of Michelle Ramin’s artwork)

Ramin's studio practice is disciplined and immersive. Despite a small workspace, her routine involves hours of focused drawing, often accompanied by music. This meditative practice allows her to maintain a consistent creative output while balancing her roles as an artist, educator, and gallery director.

Ramin's work is deeply influenced by her education and travels. Her Master of Fine Arts (MFA) from the San Francisco Art Institute and mentorship from peers have significantly shaped her career. Living in vibrant cities like Portland, San Francisco, and now Los Angeles, as well as traveling to major art exhibitions worldwide, continuously inspires her practice.

Ramin’s artwork often explores themes related to the digital realm, self-portraiture, personal identity, feminism, and contemporary socio-political issues. Her recent focus on the convergence of digital and physical worlds highlights the pervasive presence of screens in modern life and the challenges of multi-tasking in the digital age.

While social media, particularly Instagram, has been both a blessing and a curse, it remains a valuable tool for Ramin to connect with the art community and share her work. Despite challenges posed by evolving algorithms, it continues to play a role in her artistic practice.

Assistant Professor Michelle Ramin's inclusion in New American Paintings is a testament to her exceptional talent and dedication. This recognition brings national attention to Norco College by showcasing our excellent faculty who teach and inspire our students. The book is available online through New American Paintings website.