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Career & Technical Education

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Career & Technical Education at Norco College provides technical and academic skills designed to prepare learners to pursue a successful career in an increasingly competitive job market, further educational opportunity and promote lifelong learning. 


What is CTE?


Career & Technical Education (CTE) at Norco College offers certificate programs and Associate of Science degrees with an occupational emphasis. Norco College trains residents for over 40 high-demand occupations specializing in innovative technology programs. Norco College offers California's most comprehensive suite of simulation and gaming programs and also hosts the National Center for Supply Chain Automation. Industry-led programs in Business Administration, Engineering and Automation, Multimedia, Early Childhood Development and Information & Communication Technologies prepare students for gainful employment. These programs offer the education and training necessary to lead individuals directly to employment, update the knowledge and skills of current workers, and/or lead to further academic growth at 4-year universities.


The CTE programs at Norco College keep current with the regional labor market and industry trends. By bringing together local employers, faculty, staff and students our curriculum is ever changing to meet the demands of an increasingly competitive job market. Our industry advisory board is comprised of over 130 local public and private-sector employers, many of whom offer internships and work experiences to our students. Norco College is proud of our partnerships with our local community, Chambers of Commerce,  and industry association groups.


Note: Associate of Science Degree programs require completion of at least 60 units of credit, which normally will take 4 semesters. Certificate programs, many of which lead to an Associate of Science degree, vary in the number of units required. Most can be completed in 2 - 4 semesters. Each course required for a certificate must be completed with a “C” grade or better.  All can be counted toward its related degree.

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