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​Clubs and Organizations​

Norco College students learn, practice leadership, and prepare for their careers in many ways, including involvement in student clubs and organdizations. Attend a club meeting and begin making a difference in yourself and others:


Active Minds – Mental Health Club


Active Minds – Mental Health Club is a mental health awareness and support club. The club is affiliated with the national Active Minds non-profit organization. To attend a meeting, contact Sheree Summers.

AMSA - American Medical Student Association


To attend a meeting, contact Danya AlRubaye, Club President, or Monica Gutierrez.

Art Club


Art Club is a community of students who host art sales, art appreciation events and discussions with artists, primarily in visual art. To attend a meeting, contact Megan Lindeman, Advisor

Battery - Drum Line & Pit


Express percussion music artistically in performances benefiting Norco College and the greater community at large, opportunities for leadership and musical growth through travel, workshops, community service and master classes. Interested, contact the club advisor: contact Brady Kerr

Christian Club


Christian Club is a collective of Christian individuals, seek to expand the gospel of Jesus Christ and seek peace with all. The pursuit of truth is held as our priority and the expansion of an ethical character is to be developed by all individuals involved in this organization. Our goal is to invigorate Christian truth, prayer, integrity, philosophy, and community at Norco College at which we do hereby establish this Constitution of the Christian Club of Norco College. To attend a meeting, contact Damon Nance.

Christian Club logo

Clear Perspectives: Publication


Clear Perspectives: Publication is an outlet for individuals to practice and share their work from poems, short stories, drawings, comics, graphic design, and much more. If you are passionate in a creative field and would like to share your talents with the student body, this is the place for you! To attend, contact Professor Michael Bobo |https://www.instagram.com/clear.perspectives.publication/ | http://www.clearperspectivespublication.org/

Club Advisors

Michael Bobo
Ashley Silva

Kinesiology Student Association


Kinesiology Student Association serves students pursuing careers in kinesiology and to bring awareness to the campus of health and activity. To attend a meeting, contact Ruben Aguilar, Advisor

Men of Color Brotherhood


Men of Color Brotherhood Brotherhood is an organization of current, past, and interested students in the Men of Color Scholars Program at Norco College which is designed to increase the persistence and academic success among Men of Color. Activities are focused on culturally relevant issues that pertain to the experiences and success of underrepresented Men of Color in higher education. Join our brotherhood whenever you are ready, there is no deadline. To learn more about our brotherhood, contact Daniel Jesus Grajeda .

Music Industry Studies


Music Industry Studies is an organization of musicians who are enrolled in the MIS-1 course at Norco College. The group produces an annual album and hosts live music events. To learn more: contact Brady Kerr | www.norcomusic.com | www.instagram.com/norcomusic

Norco Choir


Norco Choir is an organization of signers enrolled in a choir course at Norco College. To learn more: Kim K. Kamerin.

Norco Esports Association


Norco Esports Association is dedicated to the promotion and development of esports. Attend a meeting: Contact Roshan Uma.

Norco Karate Organization


Norco Karate Organization is an organization of students enrolled in the Karate course at Norco College. The students participate in local competitions and development opportunities. To learn more: contact Douglas Namekata.

Philosophical and Psychological Affairs Club


Philosophical and Psychological Affairs Club is a group of students with interests in Philosophy and Psychology. To learn more: contact Jose Sentmanat or Laura Adams.

Phoenix Scholars


Phoenix Scholars is committed to improving educational outcomes of current and former foster youth. To learn more, contact Christine Lopez-Ediss.

Pre-Law & Political Science Club


We are a non-partisan club focused on fostering greater political knowledge, discussion, civic engagement, and information about political science and pre-law transfer and career options. Contacts: Professor Sandra Popiden and Professor Aldo Yanez.

PRISM - Queer/LGBTQIA+ Community


PRISM - Queer/LGBTQIA+ Community is dedicated to assisting members in the academic, social, political, and personal aspects of their lives. To attend a meeting, contact Ammanda Moore, Cameron Young.



PUENTE is an organization of students participating in the PUENTE program of counseling, English, and mentoring courses. To learn more, contact Dr. Maria Jurado.

Rocketry Club


Rocketry Clubis a group of students who design, construct and competitively fly sport rockets. To learn more, contact Instagram: norco.rocketry; Website: https://norcorocketry.wixsite.com/norcorocketry; Club President: Carlos Rios.

Social Gaming Club


Social Gaming Club (SGC) serve as a community for Norco College students who are interested in socializing in a friendly environment involving different forms of gaming. The organization will also not hold any high forms of competitive activities.

Contact: Jeff Clendenning.



STEM Club is a community of students pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. To attend a meeting, contact https://discord.gg/VW2AdHd2N5

Student Veterans of America, Norco College


Student Veterans of America, Norco College The main reason our club exists is to show the city of Norco, Norco College, and the Riverside Community College District that it cares about the success of its Veterans. As a Veteran myself, I was astonished on how supportive and caring all the staff were at the current Veterans Resource Center (VRC). The community also benefits from the VRC since the Veterans have a hub to base their community outreach programs and community service events. Even though most of them have taken off their uniforms and are transitioning into civilian life they still want to continue to serve in some sort of capacity. Currently we have a Veterans Day Panel in which we will be giving out Visa Gift cards to assist students in this tough financial climate. Then in December we are going to host a Xmas Giveaway in which we give out bags with a toy, book and sealed snacks. To show the community we are still here and thinking of them.

Norco College faculty and Student Life staff

For the college itself, it provides an area where Veterans feel they can have their own space, to not only bond with fellow Veterans but to use it as a resource. In the VRC several student Veterans connect with each other and discuss their experiences in certain classes, talk about their experiences with Professors and other school programs. Recently it was changed where anyone can join the Veterans club. Through the VRC you can meet several students who introduced us to clubs like M.E.c.H.A, Rugby, ASNC and STEM.

US Constitution and Norco College book

To keep the club alive virtually we have biweekly meetings, we also voted on a book and mailed it to our members, that way we have something to discuss at our meetings. Kind of like a book club within ourselves.

The Things They Carried book by Tim O Brien

Slowly we would like to start doing face to face events. Before Covid-19 we had monthly sporting/team-based events and had even planned a range day. If you are interested in joining, contact Ruben Aguilar, Advisor or Mauricio CanoCortez.



Umoja is an organization of students enrolled in the Umoja Program at Norco College, designed to increase academic success among all students at Norco College with an emphasis on the African-American population. To learn more, contact Sean Davis.

Umoja Filamu Productions - Film Club


Umoja Filamu Productions - Film Club are students with an interest in the art of cinema and the creation of it and provides them with the opportunities to freely express themselves through the medium. To attend a meeting, contact filamuproductionss@gmail.com.

Inactive Clubs

The following clubs were active at one point, and may be looking for a student leader or faculty advisor to restart the club. If you are interested, please contact Edwin Romero.

Accounting Society


Accounting Society serves to connect students with interests in the public accounting, private accounting, consulting, and risk advisory. To explore our events and to connect with us follow our Instagram @as_norco .

Criminal Justice Student Association


Criminal Justice Student Association serves to connect students with interests in the criminal justice profession with professionals in various agencies. To attend a meeting, contact Sigrid Williams.

hEARt - Early Childhood Education Club


hEARt - Early Childhood Education Club serves students seeking to understand the education of young children, and related professions. To attend a meeting, contact Maria Adams.

Liberated Scholars


Liberated Scholars is a club for formerly incarcerated and system-impacted students who wish to form a community, share experiences, resources and support. To attend a meeting, contact sjleflore@gmail.com.

M.E.Ch.A. - ChicanX Community


M.E.Ch.A. - ChicanX Community Movimiento Estudiantil ChicanX de Azlan promotes the advancement of ChicanX in higher education and political awareness within the community. Attend a meeting: itskaitlyndg@gmail.com.

Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society


Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society is the international honor society of two-year colleges, with millions of life-time members. Members must have completed 12 units with a 3.5 GPA or higher. To learn more: facebook.com/PTKNorcoCollege.

Psi Beta Norco - Psychology Honor Society


Psi Beta Norco - Psychology Honor Society is a national honor society enhancing scholarship in the field of psychology. To attend a meeting, contact Laura Adams.



Rugby is an intercollegiate athletic team. This highly competitive group is part of our campus athletics program. To learn more, contact hunterhuddy@icloud.com.

Student Discussion Club


Student Discussion Club is a community with a passion for reading and discussion about worldwide events. To attend a meeting, contact Ijneidi@student.rccd.edu.

Other Inactive Clubs


  • Cheerleading Club - To activate this club, contact contact Edwin Romero
  • Creative Writing Club - To activate this club, contact contact Edwin Romero
  • History and Anthropology - To activate this club, contact contact Edwin Romero

  • Club Charter

    Club Charter Form: complete this form once annually to re-charter your existing club.  Club charter provides benefits of membership in the Inter Club Council, funding, use of space on campus, and access to supplies and equipment.  https://forms.gle/VLDqrwRTY9QoTHYP8

    ​To Charter a new club, contact Dr. Edwin Romero, Student Activities Coordinator.

    Hours & Location

    Mon - Thu: 8 am - 5 pm
    Fri: 8 am - 4 pm
    Center for Student Success Bldg. Room 205-B
    Phone: (951) 372-7021​
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    Inter Club Council Bylaws: ICC Bylaws Inter Club Council.pdf