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2024 Commencement Snapshot

Updated: June 11, 2024

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General Information

When and Where is Commencement 2024?

Commencement takes place on Friday, June 7, 2024 at 6 PM at the Norco College Soccer Field.

What takes place at the Norco College (NC) Commencement Ceremony?

The NC Commencement ceremony is hosted by the RCCD Board of Trustees, the Chancellor, and the College President. The ceremony opens with a grand academic procession beginning promptly at 6:00 PM, followed by remarks from college leadership, the conferring of honorary degrees, addresses by the faculty and student commencement speaker, and the formal transition—the turning of the mortarboard tassel from right to left—that marks the moment when members of the current graduating class officially become NC graduates and alumni.

​Will the ceremonies be broadcast for those unable to attend?

Yes, for those who cannot join us at Norco College on June 7th, the in-person ceremonies will be broadcast online, live, and on-demand for future viewing. The broadcast will be available on our Norco College homepage starting at 6 PM.

How do I participate in social media?

When posting to your social media, please use the hashtags #norcocollegegrad and #NC2024.

Do I need to attend the in-person Commencement ceremonies to have my degree conferred?

No, graduates do not need to attend to have their degree conferred, but you will be missing out on an event of a lifetime!!! While it is not required for students to attend the Commencement Ceremony, most alumni would agree that the ceremony exceeded their expectations and put an exclamation point on their time at Norco College. Family members have also shared that this is a great way to celebrate their student’s tremendous accomplishments because it is a big, spirited celebration!  

I will be finishing my degree requirements this summer or fall (2024). Can I participate in this year’s graduation ceremony?

Students may participate in commencement if they are within 9 units of completing the requirements for the degree they have applied for. Any application received with a student lacking more than 9 units in order to complete requirements will be cancelled. 

When does the graduate need to arrive on campus on Commencement Day?

In order to walk in the NC Commencement ceremony procession, you should be ready on Friday, June 7th no later than 4 PM at the Amphitheater next to the Center for Student Success Building.  As parking and seating are on a first-come, first-served basis, it is wise to arrive early. 

When should guests arrive on Commencement Day?

The ceremony begins promptly at 6:00 PM. We recommend guests to arrive between 4:30 PM – 5:15 PM to secure parking and seating. Those who arrive closer to 6:00 PM will have a very difficult time finding parking and seating. Wear comfortable shoes. It is a long walk from the parking lot to the soccer field. Seating is first come, first serve, we do not give out tickets with reserved seating.

What is and isn’t permitted on the Soccer Field?

Please note that food, balloons, flowers, flags, silly string, whistles, posters, banners, umbrellas, noise makers, knives, or weapons of any kind are not allowed on the soccer field. However, you are allowed to bring bottled water with you. Moreover, bottled water and flowers will be available for purchase at this event. The proceeds from the sale of bottled water will go towards a fundraiser for one of the campus clubs.

Accommodations: Riverside Community College District is committed to providing access and reasonable accommodations to all District programs and activities.

What accommodations will be available for STUDENTS with disabilities?

Accommodations for students with disabilities may be requested by contacting the Disability Resource Center at drc@norcocollege.edu or (951) 372-7070 no later than five days before the event. Requests received after this date will be honored whenever possible.

What accommodations will be available for GUESTS with disabilities?

ASL Interpreters: ASL interpreters will be available for the duration of the ceremony. They will be viewable on the screens to each side of the stage.

Closed Captioning: Closed Captioning (CC) for the ceremony will be available on the YouTube Livestream only. Please click here to view the Livestream on the day of commencement.

Parking: Limited parking for guests with disabilities will be available in the upper parking lot adjacent to the soccer field. A drop-off zone for guests with disabilities will also be available in the same lot.

Seating: For guests with disabilities, there will be limited accessible seating, available on a first come, first served basis. Once you have entered the soccer field, there will be a golf cart available to transport you to the accessible seating area if needed. Golf cart service will only be offered before the ceremony begins.

Wheelchairs/Equipment Unavailable: Wheelchairs and other accessible equipment are not provided by Norco College.


​Do I need to wear regalia for the in-person Commencement ceremonies?

Yes, regalia will be available at the NC Bookstore, and will be available for purchase in-store and online at norco.bncollege.com. Please note students are only permitted to wear college related regalia.

​Can I decorate my cap?

Yes, students may decorate their caps. Only the flat, top area of the cap may be decorated. Decorations must be flat on the surface of the cap and cannot disrupt anyone’s view of the ceremony. All caps will be reviewed the day of, and any caps deemed inappropriate by staff will be confiscated. You will need to purchase a new cap to participate in the ceremony.

Below are general guidelines to help you plan your decorations.

​Approved Decor:

  • Graduation year (no other numbers may be displayed on cap)
  • Expressions of gratitude, inspirational quotes, positive messages
  • Symbol of branch of military you belong to or may be joining
  • Institution you may be attending in the future
  • Symbol or message highlighting your major or student organization
  • Your home country’s flag- no political words, statements, or slogans
Approved Decor for cap for Norco College Commencement
(Above photo is an example of a cap that follows the “Approved Decor” guidelines.)

​Not Permitted:

The following will not be permitted, and will result in confiscation of the cap. Words, messages, abbreviations, or pictures that refer to drugs or controlled substances, tobacco, alcohol, weapons, gangs, violence, profanity, threats, political statement, of sexual nature, etc...

Will regalia be shipped to my home, or can I pick up on campus?

Students may purchase instore for quickest service. You may also purchase online and have it shipped to your house. Please include your height and weight when ordering. Gowns are one size fits most; XL caps and gowns also available upon request, while supplies last.

Can I purchase regalia the day of my Commencement ceremony?

Regalia will be available for purchase up to the day of Commencement, however, discounted pricing will likely be exhausted.

Can I get my tassel and honors cords with my regalia?

The Grad Regalia Set includes cap, gown, and tassel. Associate hoods and Honor cords have an additional charge.

Who can I contact if I have questions regarding regalia?

Please call the Norco College Bookstore at 951.372.7085 during business hours or email Bookstore@norcocollege.edu. Their business hours are 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM Monday – Thursday and 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM on Fridays.

How do graduates get honor cords?

Students graduating with Great Distinction are eligible to purchase an Honor Cord. Students graduating with Great Distinction or Distinction will receive a silver 2024 tassel marking their achievement.



Diplomas and Program Book

When will I get my diploma?

Diplomas are distributed by the Office of Admissions and Records. They will be mailed to your permanent address approximately six weeks after degrees are conferred on June 7th.

When and where do I receive my diploma cover?

Diploma covers are distributed to students on stage at the in-person Commencement Ceremony.

How do I get my diploma cover if I cannot attend in person?

For those unable to attend, diploma covers can be picked up after June 20th in the Office of Admissions and Records.

Will my name be listed in the 2024 commencement printed program?

We make every effort to include the graduate's name in the printed program unless the graduate has specified otherwise at the time you submitted your application.

How do I get a copy of the 2024 commencement printed program?

The commencement printed program will be available at the in-person ceremony on campus. You will also be able to download a copy of the program from the commencement website.​

​ ​



Photo Frames & Backgrounds 

Share your graduation celebrations and Mustang pride with custom social media frames and backgrounds. Be sure to tag @norcocollege in your posts and use hashtag #NCgrads2024.  

To add a frame to your social media post, use an app such as Phonto, Canva or Photoshop Express that allows you to layer multiple images.  


NC Grad Instagram Story Background (PNG)​​ ​​Grad Instagram Story Background

NC Grad Instagram Story
Grad Instagram Story Frame

NC Grad Social Media Background (PNG) ​
Grad Social Media Background
NC Grad Social Media Frame (PNG) ​
Grad Social Media Frame

NC Grad Facebook Profile Grad Frame (PNG) ​
Grad Facebook Profile Grad Frame
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Grad Facebook Profile Parent Frame

NC Printable Grad Sign
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Printable Grad Sign
NC Printable Parent Sign
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Printable Parent Sign



Meet Your Commencement Speakers

Faculty Speaker Bio: Melissa Bader, M.A.

Professor Melissa Bader on Norco College campus in commencement regalia

Melissa Bader has over three decades of experience as a dedicated educator. Throughout her tenure at Norco College, she has been an advocate for academic excellence and a dynamic force in leadership roles. Her accomplishments include previously serving as Chair to the Communication Department and leading the English discipline for fifteen years.

Melissa’s journey at Norco College demonstrates her versatility, having contributed as a member of the Academic Senate, the Professional Development Chair, serving as a representative for District Enrollment Management, and co-chairing District Guided Pathways. Her roles extend to co-chairing Norco College’s Guided Pathways work group, where she played a vital role in developing a nationally recognized Summer Bridge program. Her recent collaboration with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation illustrates her commitment to advancing student equity through mid-level leadership.

Grounded in the educational principles instilled during her time at the University of Washington, Bader believes in nurturing the learner within oneself and finding alternative ways to explain concepts. At Norco College, she has embraced the philosophy of "Yes, and..."—a testament to her commitment to heightening and exploring ideas.

Melissa’s multifaceted contributions and dedication continue to shape the future of education at Norco College and beyond.

Student Speaker Bio: Jose Orozco

Jose Orozco on Norco College campus in commencement regalia
From humble beginnings, Jose Orozco has rewritten the narrative of his life, embracing resilience and determination to carve his path to success. As a first-generation college student, Jose transitioned from earning a modest 1.9 GPA in high school to achieving a stellar 3.87 GPA. His journey here at Norco College stands as a testament to the transformative power of unwavering dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence.

With a profound commitment to serving both his family and his community, Jose's involvement in various organizations unveiled his innate passion for growth and community empowerment. Jose’s contributions to his campus and community are extensive and include serving as Vice President of Student Organizations for ASNC and as a College Corps Fellow, contributing an astounding 900 community service hours to various partners, including Norco’s Basic Needs and Wellness initiatives and to the Norco College Volunteer Corps.

Jose excels in STEM and computer science. He led the Loma Linda Prosthetics Research Project and contributed to the 3D Printed Flight Research Project. His involvement in programs like MESA, Men of Color, Rocketry, and STEM Club highlights his unwavering dedication to his fellow students and his campus.

Looking towards the future, Jose Orozco has been awarded the Chancellor's Excellence Scholarship at the University of California, Irvine. He plans to pursue two majors, Data Science and Computer Science, specializing in Bioinformatics. He aspires to delve deeper into research and contribute to the defense industry for the betterment of his nation.


Grad Stories​​​​

Grad Stories: Jacob Nkwamba

ASNC Senator of Campus Relations Jacob Nkwamba is a Business Administration - Accounting major who will be transferring to Cal State Fullerton. He has been very active on campus relations and in Rugby. Congratulations Jacob! #NCgrad2024 #MustangPride #NC_Commencement2024 #ASNC

Grad Stories: Anmol Quraishi

ASNC Senator of Administration Anmol Quraishi is a Political Science - Pre Law major who will be transferring to an undecided. Congratulations Anmol! #NCgrad2024 #MustangPride #NC_Commencement2024 #ASNC

Grad Stories: Aneesa Kashif

ASNC president Aneesa Kashif is a Business Administration - Accounting major who will be transferring to UCLA. She has been very active on campus. Congratulations Aneesa! #NCgrad2024 #MustangPride #NC_Commencement2024 #ASNC

Grad Stories: Desiree Valdez

ASNC Vice President of Finance Desiree Valdez is a Business Administration ADT + Administration & Info Systems major who will be transferring to Cal State Fullerton. Congratulations Desiree! #NCgrad2024 #MustangPride #NC_Commencement2024 #ASNC


Late Commencement Participation Request

Commencement Participation Request
Students who would like to participate in the Norco College 2024 Commencement Ceremony, but who missed the Spring 2024 graduation application deadline, can still participate in the ceremony by completing the following steps as long as they are within 9 units of completing their program of study:

  1. Complete a graduation application for the Summer 2024 term. To access the form, log into WebAdvisor and choose Degree Application or Certificate Application from the Students Menu. If you are within 9 units of completing your program of study and are taking any of the units in Fall 2024, ensure that you are registered for your fall coursework at the time you submit your graduation application.
  2. Visit the Academic Counseling and Career Development Center (Student Services building) in-person between the hours of 8:00am – 4:00pm Monday – Thursday or 8:00am to 12:00pm Friday and request a Commencement Participation Agreement. Students who can only visit the office between 4:00pm – 6:00pm Monday – Thursday may call the Academic Counseling and Career Development Center at (951) 372-7101 after their graduation application has been submitted to make alternative arrangements to complete the form.
Once the information has been verified, the student will be given the form to take to the Bookstore in order to purchase their graduation regalia.

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