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Men of Color Scholars


Our goal is to build community and brotherhood while you reach your academic goals.

"Brotherhood is the bond that holds warriors together, even in the darkest of times".   

The Men of Color (MoC) Scholars program is designed to support our Men of Color students from the moment they start at Norco College until the time they graduate or transfer to a four-year university. We enhance our scholar's college experience through Brotherhood, Support, and Resources.  We build on important skills and resources needed to succeed in their college and career through a dedicated academic counselor, a personally assigned peer mentor, and a supportive community of faculty, staff, and peers. ​

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Scholars in the program enroll in one of the following courses: Eng, Gui, Soc, Com, Pol, His, and others.  Our faculty design their classes to create an environment of care, understanding, and empowerment. The curriculum and program activities are focused on culturally relevant issues that pertain to the experiences and success of Men of Color in higher education.

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MoC 24 Fall Course Offerings

SOC-10: Race and Ethnic Relations (Tuesday 2:30pm-3:50pm)
POL-1: American Politics (Tuesday 6pm-7pm)​​
GUI-47: Career Exploration and Life Planning (Thursday 8am-9:30am)​
ENG-1A with Support: English Composition (Thursday 10am-11:30am)

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