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MAP Logo 2022

The California MAP Initiative is scaling up with the new MAP 2022 Cohort of 53​ California Community Colleges.

Beginning in February 2022, Cohort colleges will start using the platform to match their college courses with credit recommendations from ACE and other credit recommending bodies. Once approved by discipline faculty, articulated course credits may be awarded and transcripted. 

The mission of the Cohort is to increase equitable access and completion by making it normal and expected for all military (and other) students to receive all the credit they deserve so they can achieve all their educational goals with existing military (or financial aid) benefits.

Colleges of the 2022 MAP Cohort

Allan Hancock • Antelope Valley • Bakersfield • Barstow • Berkeley City • Chaffey • Citrus • Coastline • College of the Desert • College of the Redwoods • Compton • Copper Mountain • Crafton Hills • Cypress • East Los Angeles • El Camino • Folsom Lake • Fullerton • Golden West • LA City • Las Positas • Lassen • LA Harbor • LA Mission • LA Pierce • LA Southwest • LA Trade Technical • Los Angeles Valley • Mendocino • Merced • MiraCosta • Monterey Peninsula • Moreno Valley • Mt. San Jacinto • Norco • Palo Verde • Palomar • Pasadena City • Porterville • Riverside City • Saddleback • San Bernardino Valley • San Diego City • San Diego Mesa • San Diego Miramar • Santa Ana • Santa Barbara City • Santa Monica • Shasta • Solano • Ventura • Victor Valley • West Los Angeles​

​California MAP Initiative

The Military Articulation Platform and MilCPL

Veterans complete rigorous training and coursework while on active duty. The American Council on Education (ACE) provides college credit recommendations based on analysis of military training. Nevertheless, our veterans often do not receive the credit they deserve. A Rand Corporation study estimates that only 1 in 4 veterans believes they receive the college credits they deserve for their military training.

The Military Articulation Platform (MAP) is a cloud-based system that matches college courses to credit recommendations from ACE, NCCRS, and other Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) recommending agencies. MAP uses a 4-step approval process to create articulations based on discipline faculty approval. Articulations are stored in MAP and offered as college credit to incoming and regional veterans. Articulations may be adopted by other participating colleges, creating an ecosystem designed to maximize military credit for prior learning (MilCPL).

Our Goal is to make it normal and expected for all veterans and active duty service members to receive all the credit they deserve--up to one year of credit in programs leading to high wage jobs and transfer.

The Riverside Community College District is leading the effort to design and deploy the MAP in California’s 116 Community Colleges and beyond. The goal is to improve equitable access, success, completion, transfer, and career attainment by maximizing MilCPL.​​


The MAP project began in 2017 at Norco College and was supported by $250K legislative appropriation for Phase 1 (design and beta test). In 2018, Phase 2 (expansion to IEDRC regional colleges) began as Project #16 of the IEDRC.

Phase 3 (initial scaling statewide for MilCPL and CPL) begins January 1, 2022 and is supported by a $2M legislative appropriation. Phase 4 (scaling statewide and including all CPL) is proposed in the 2022-2023 State Budget.

MAP is a collaborative effort enjoined by the Academic Senate of the California Community Colleges (ASCCC), the CCC Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO), ACE, CalVet, and local and regional legislators.