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Thank you for visiting the Norco College, Admissions & Records Page. 

The Admissions & Records Office is open for in person assistance. For additional assistance, you may use the ChatBot feature available on our website or email us at admissions@norcocollege.edu.

For requests and forms please check WebAdvisor, or select the Services and Forms link on this page. For processing, please email your request/form from your RCCD student email account to admissions@norcocollege.edu.

Norco College is open to anyone who has graduated from high school, passed the California High School Pr​oficiency​ Exam, earned a Certificate of Completion, passed the GED examination, or is 18 years of age or older.

Whether you’re new to Norco College or you’ve been here before, Admissions and Records on the first floor of the Student Services Building is the place to begin​​​ or continue your educational journey. ​


​Students - Know Your Rights! Watch this video for more information on assessment tests. California Assembly​ Bill AB 705 requires colleges to take into account high school coursework, high school grades, and high school grade point average when determining math and English placement upon enrollment.


​​Hours of Operation

Mon-Thu: 8 am - 6 pm​​

Fri: 8 am - 12 pm

Sat & Sun:  Closed​​


APRIL 8th-12th

Mon-Thu: 8 am - 4:30 pm​​

Fri: 8 am - 12 pm

Sat & Sun:  Closed​​

​​College-Wide Closures: 

  • April 1, 2024
  • May 24, 2024
  • June 19, 2024
  • May 27, 2024
  • June 19, 2024
  • July 4, 2024
  • September 2, 2024
  • November 11, 2024
  • November 28 & 29, 2024
​Student Services Bldg. First Floor

Phone: (951) 372-7002

​​​​ ​​


​Cash​ier's Office​​

The Norco College Cashier's Office offers onsite hours of operation from:

Monday - 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Tuesday - 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Wednesday - 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Thursday - 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Friday - 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Students will be able to make payments over the phone and in person.

  • To make a payment over the phone, please call the Cashier's Office at 951-372-7078. Please have your student ID number with you when calling.​​​​
  • To make a payment in-person, visit us during our onsite hours

​The following payment options are available at all times:

  • To make a payment online, please login into your WebAdvisor Online Portal under Registration - Make a Payment

The Cashier’s Office is located on the north side of the Student Services Building facing the quad. The Cashier’s Office works in conjunction with members of Admissions & Records and Student Accounts to ensure enrollment and billing information are accurate and seamless. You may access WebAdvisor to make a payment online. Refer to the current list of Enrollm​ent Fees and make sure you make payments by the dead​line​.​

COTOP Information

COTOP is a program that provides Norco College with a method of collecting Accounts Receivable balances for student financial aid and non-financial aid obligations. Past due accounts will be submitted by Norco College to COTOP for a tax offset (via an intercept by the Franchise Tax Board of any tax refunds, lottery winnings, or unclaimed property that might be owed to you).​

1098-T Questions and Answers

1098-T Questions and Answers

​​Dear Student or Former Student,
The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 (TRA97) introduced several tax
incentives for students. The Hope Scholarship & Lifetime Learning
Credits are tax credits to individuals with qualifying educational
expenses who file a tax return. The 1098-T tax form is used to
calculate any tax credits you might receive. 
IRS 1098-T statements for tax year 2023 will be mailed to the home
addresses of eligible students, and WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE electronically in ​
(WebAdvisor/MyPortal) as in past years. 
To ensure timely delivery, please go to Personal Profile (under the
Personal Information section) in WebAdvisor or MyPortal and make
sure your permanent address is correct.  If you have not received your 1098-T
by the end of February please contact your home college Student Accounts office:​​
​​​ ​Moreno Valley College
O:  951-571-6101
Norco College
O: 951-372-7042
Riverside City College
O:  951-222-8604

​​Onsite Hours, Location & Phone Number

Spring 2024

Monday - 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Tuesday - 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Wednesday - 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Thursday - 8:00 am to 4:00 pm>
Friday - ​8:00 am to 4:00 pm​



Student Services Bldg.​


Alice Montemayor
Student Services Technician

Amanda Lara
Student Account Specialist

Services Provided

We process general student fees including: 

  • Enrollment, Credit-by-Examination, Counseling Tests, Replacement ID, Student Services, Health Services, Transportation, Library fines, Parking permits, Transcripts, Enrollment Verification, and other Miscellaneous Fees. Payroll Checks and other miscellaneous checks are disbursed during check disbursement hours​.​

Acceptable Payments

  • Cash, Check, Money Order, and Major Credit Cards (Visa, MC, Disc, AMEX) 
  • Please make Checks or Money Orders payable to RCCD. Checks should include your name, address, student ID number, signature and the correct date and amount and may be placed in the payment drop box if the office is closed.​
  • Payments placed​ in the drop box will be processed in 24 hours (except weekends & holidays).


​Enrollment Verification​​

Enrollment Verifications are used to verify enrollment status, GPA, unit load and fee/payment information. There are three ways in which you can order official enrollment verifications from Norco College. Processing time is approximately 2-3 days after the request is received. Your first two verifications ordered are free. After that, there is a $2.00 fee per verification. Scroll below for additional enrollment verification information. 

Option 1: Internet/Web

You may order enrollment verifications on WebA​dvisor

  • Allows you to place orders for enrollment verification without having to mail in a request. Eliminates the hassle of going to the admission's office and waiting in line.
  • Supports payment by credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express). 
  • Allows you to check your verification request status on WebAdvisor
  • Lets you enter your order any time, day or night. 

Web requests can only process verifications as far back as 2004. For verifications prior to 2004, you must request via mail or in person. 

Option 2: Mail

You may request your enrollment verification by downloading: Enrollment Verification Form (PDF) and mailing it to the college.

Include a check or money order if you have already used your two free copies. To view the number of verifications previously ordered, click here (You will need to log on to WebAdvisor). 

Sign and mail all requests to: 

Norco College
Transcript Office/Admissions
2001 Third Street
Norco, CA 92860-2600

Option 3: In Person

You may come in person to the Riverside, Moreno Valley, or Norco College to request your enrollment verification. Enrollment verifications may not be requested or released over the counter without valid photo I.D. If requested by a third party, there must be written authorization from the student (Student Consent to Release Educational Records Form​) with a copy of the student's I.D., and the third party must have a valid photo I.D. ​​


Norco College verifies enrollment only on official Norco College letterhead.​


Enrollment Fees & Payment Deadlines

RCCD strongly encourages students to check their Student Account balance in WebAdvisor. Students that have an outstanding balance of $500 or more, will not be able to register for Fall 2022 classes. Please be advised, any outstanding debt over $100.00 will be submitted to the Chancellor's Office Tax Offset Program (COTOP). They have the ability through the Franchise Tax Board to seize any tax refunds, lottery winnings, or unclaimed property that might be owed to the student.​

​​​All students will be charged for registered classes and may receive a failing grade unless they drop themselves within deadlines. It is the student's responsibility to verify that all classes have been added or dropped accordingly.

For help with fees and expenses, all students are encouraged to apply for financial aid.

If you decide not to attend class and are not dropped from the class, you will receive an “F” and owe fees. It is your responsibility to drop yourself from classes that you decide not to attend.​​​

2023-2024​​ Enrollment Fees*

Fee Schedule

Summer 2023 Fall 2023 Winter 2024 Spring​ 2024
​Enrollment Fee
In the event of a fee increase by the state legislature please refer to this page for updates on payment deadlines.
​$46 per unit
​$46 per unit
​$46 per unit
​$46 per unit
​Nonresident Tuition and Enrollment Fee
​$373 per unit
​$373 per unit
​$373 per unit
​$373 per unit
Out of CountryNon Resident Surcharge (Non-refundable)​
​$18 per unit
​$18 per unit
​$18 per unit
​$18​ per unit
​Health Services Fee*
(Non-refundable if student drops all classes after the refund deadline.)
Student Services Fee - ID Card (optional)
May be waived if Fee Waiver ​​is submitted before last day to add
​Transportation Fee - RTA

Allows the usage of RTA buses and transport free with
Go-Pass app. 

$5.50 (over 6 units) or 
$5.00 (6 units and under)
$5.50 (over 6 units) or 
$5.00 (6 units and under)
$5.50 (over 6 units) or 
$5.00 (6 units and under)
​Parking Permit - Auto**
Non-refundable if student drops all classes after the refund deadline. If eligible for a refund student must return the permit to Parking Services immediately.
$30 (CCPG)​
$30 (CCPG)
​Parking Permit - Motorcycle
Non-refundable if student drops all classes after the refund deadline. If eligible for a refund student must return the permit to Parking Services immediately.
​Audit Fee

​$15 per unit
​$15 per unit
​$15 per unit
​$15 per unit
​KIN-30 First Aid & CPR Fees
[Fee not covered by CCPG; drop deadlines for non-payment apply]

​KIN-42 Life Guard & Water Safety Instructor Certification
[Fee not covered by CCPG; drop deadlines for non-payment apply]

​Transcript Fee*** (first 2 transcripts are free)



​$10 per transcript +$7 transcript fee
​​$10 per transcript +$7 transcript fee
​​$10 per transcript +$7 transcript fee
​​$10 per transcript +$7 transcript fee
​Transcript Fee*** Same Day Service (available for orders placed 2 hours before closing):

​$13 per transcript +$7 transcript fee
​$13 per transcript +$7 transcript fee
​$13 per transcript +$7 transcript fee
​$13 per transcript +$7 transcript fee
​Unofficial Transcript (free on Web Advisor)

Non-sufficient Funds/Stop payment Fee​

​*Any fee may change without notice subject to changes issued by the State of California and/or changes in RCCD Board policies.​

AB 2210 - Nonresident Tuition Exemption

COTOP Information

COTOP is a program that provides Norco College with a method of collecting Accounts Receivable balances for student financial aid and non-financial aid obligations. Past due accounts will be submitted by Norco College to COTOP for a tax offset (via an intercept by the Franchise Tax Board of any tax refunds, lottery winnings, or unclaimed property that might be owed to you).​


Im​portan​t Application Information​​

By completing this application, you are establishing Norco College as your designated home college. Norco College is one of three colleges in the Riverside Community College District, which also includes Riverside City College and Moreno Valley College. Your home college locat​​​ion is where you will receive most services including Assessment, Counseling, Student Financial Services, CalWORKs, EOPS/CARE, Veterans’ Services, and Student Support Services. You may only submit one application for any college in the district, per term, by the application deadline.

**St​​​udents may enroll in classes at any of the three colleges in the Riverside Community College District, regardless of home college location.​


How to Apply​​

Click on APPLY NOW​ ​to submit your online application.

  • New Students 
    (For a new student who has previously never attended college)

  • Continuing Students
    (For students who were enrolled in a course after the first two weeks or 20% of the course in the previous primary term [fall/spring] or intersession)

  • Returning Students 
    (For students who have missed one or more primary terms - fall/spring)

  • Transferring Students
    (For students who have attended college elsewhere but have never enrolled in RCCD classes)

AB 2210 - Nonresident Tuition Exemption

​​ ​​


Our Staff

Sonia Gonzalez
Sonia Gonzalez
Dean, ​Enrollment Services
(951) 372-7014
Send Email
Vanessa Acosta
Vanessa Acosta
Student Services Specialist
(951) 372-7005
Send Email

Lauren Agamaite
Lauren Agamaite
Admissions & Records Operations Assistant
(951) 738-7920
Send Email
Jeremy Lunasco
Jeremy Lunasco​
Senior Academic Evaluations Specialist
(951) 738-7766
Send Email

Kody Cobb
Kody Cobb
Student Services Specialist
(951) 372-7002​
Send Email
Jeanne Darnell-Wallace​
Jeanne Darnell-Wallace​
Academic Evaluations Specialist
(951) 739-7710
Send Email
Ana Manaog
Ana Manaog
Academic Evaluations Specialist
(951) 739-7709
Send Email
Carla Phillips​
Carla Phillips
​Admissions & Records Operations Assistant
​(951) 738-7921
Send Email
Cecilia Ramirez
Cecilia Ramirez
Administrative Assistant III
(951) 738-7794
Send Email
Shadon Sanders​
Shadon Sanders
​Admissions & Records Operations Assistant
​(951) 738-7922
Send Email
Jared Storar
Jared Storar
​Admissions & Records Operations Assistant
(951) 372-7002
Send Email
Shazna Uduman​
Shazna Uduman
​Student Services Specialist
​(951) 372-7094
Send Email
Alex Zuniga​​​
Alex Zuñiga
​Applications Support Technician
Send Email

​​​​Register f​or Classes

​​After submitting an application for admissions, New C​ollege Students are required to complete the online Orientation, assessment test, and First Semester Ed Plan in WebAdvisor before they may register for classes. While Continuing Students will automatically receive Registration Appointments, Returning Students must first reapply before they can register for classes.

Registration Appointments

Students may register on WebAdvisor for classes on or after their online Registration Appointment. These are made available  6 to 8 weeks before the start of term. A student can find out the date and time of their Appointment by clicking on the link “Check my Registration Dates/Holds” in WebAdvisor.​

Register for Classes Online

Students can register for classes in WebAdvisor, by logging in and clicking on the link “Register and Drop Classes”. WebAdvisor is available 24 ho​​​urs a day.

Walk-in Registration


Bef​​ore the beginning of the term, if a class is full, you may place your name on a waitlist (if available). If a seat becomes available, you will automatically be added and your student account will be charged with the enrollment fees. Please check your schedule regularly online with WebAdvisor and/or your RCCD email account to confirm your status. 

Stu​​den​ts registered from the Waitlist must attend the first day of class to avoid being dropped. Students not registered from the Waitlist are encouraged to attend class the first day to see if space is available and the instructor is willing to add them. 

Waitlis​ting ends at midnight two evenings prior to the first class meeting. You must drop yourself from the class by the drop and refund deadlines if you do not intend to remain in the class. You can manage your waitlist on WebAdvisor by doing the following:

  • Log in to WebAdv​isor
  • Click on "Register and Drop Classes"
  • Then click on "Manage My Waitlist"​

Registration Policy and Order of Registration

Registration appointments are assigned based on the Order of Registration as determined by Riverside Community College District. The Norco College Registration Policy includes information from AP3055[A] with Early Registration Groups that are determined by the Registration Committee formed by members of the college.

Registration Policy

Early Registration Group III and IV

For programs interested in applying for Early Registration Group III or IV access, please complete the form and send to the Dean of Admissions & Records.

Early Registration ​​Application Form


​Re​sidency Requir​​ements​​

Student Residency Information

Each student at the time of admission or readmission is classified according to his/her legal residence. Residency determination will be made as of the first day of the semester of application. Students that have been classified as a NON-RESIDENT of California for ​educational purposes are subject to non-resident tuition. Non-resident students pay both the $46 per unit fee and the $332 per unit non-resident tuition. Out of country non-resident students also pay an additional $16 surcharge per unit.

Establishing Residency

Students that intend to become residents of California must fulfill the Physical Presence and Intent requirements listed below.

Physical Presence

The student must be physically present in the State of California for one (1) year prior to the start of the term for w
hich he/she is applying or enrolling for. The one-year period begins when the student is not only present in California but also has demonstrated clear intent to become a permanent resident of California. Students will be required to provide proof of continuous presence in California for the past (12) months. This may be accomplished by providing a rental/lease agreement, utility bills, employment pay stubs, etc. for the past (12) months in the student's name.


Students must clearly verify intent to make California the permanent place of residency by (no one factor is controlling):

  • Living in California for two consecutive years 
  • Establishing and maintaining an active California bank account 
  • Registered to vote in the State of California 
  • Owning residential property 
  • Possessing a California Drivers License 

Non-resident students that wish to change their status or students that feel they have been classified as non-residents in error will need to apply for re-classification of residency status. To change status, students must complete the Supplemental Residency Questionnaire Form and submit it along with supporting documentation to the Admissions & Records office; incomplete forms will not be accepted. This form must be completed in advance of the term you wish to be considered for resident tuition purposes. 

Supporting documentation consists of three proofs of residency demonstrating physical presence and intent. Two items must be dated at least one year and one day prior to the start of the term for which you are applying for. These items must not be older than two years prior to the start of the term. The third item must show that the student is currently a resident of California. 

Examples of acceptable documentation are: 

  • California Driver's License 
  • A resident California Tax Form (540) 
  • California Vehicle Registration 
  • Rental/Lease agreement 
  • Bank Statement 

Click to submit Supplement​al Residenc​​​y Questionnaire Form

International Students

Students that are in the United States with a visa that allows establishment of residency, must fulfill the one year physical presence and intent requirements listed above. Students with a visa that precludes establishment of residency, will be charged the California enrollment fee plus non-resident and out-of-country fees. Students with visa type B-1, B-2, F-1, F-2, J-1, J-2 must apply and enroll in the International Student Center.

California Non-resident Tuition Exemption ("AB 540")

Any student, other than a nonimmigrant alien, who meets all of the following requirements, shall be exempt from paying nonresident tuition at the California Community Colleges, the California State University and the University of California (all public colleges and universities in California).


  • The student must have attended a high school (public or private) in California for three or more years. 
  • The student must have graduated from a California high school or attained the equivalent prior to the start of the term (for example, passing the GED or California High School Proficiency exam). 
  • An alien student who is without lawful immigration status must file an affidavit with the college or university stating that he or she has filed an application to legalize his or her immigration status, or will file an application as soon as he or she is eligible to do so. 
  • Students who are non-immigrants [for example, those who hold F (student) visas, J or B (visitor) visas, etc.] are not eligible for this exemption. 
  • The student must file an exemption request including a signed affidavit with the college that indicates the student has met all applicable conditions described above. Student information obtained in this process is strictly confidential unless disclosure is required under law. 
  • Students eligible for this exemption who are transferring to another California public college or university must submit a new request (and documentation if required) to each college under consideration. 
  • Non-resident students meeting the criteria will be exempted from the payment of nonresident tuition, but they will not be classified as California residents. They continue to be "non-resident". 

Click to submit No​n-resident Waiver Form

California Non-resident Tuition Exemption ("SB 141")

Students who are U.S. citizens and who may presently reside in a foreign country will be exempt from nonresident tuition by meeting the following requirements:

  • Demonstrates a financial need for the exemption.
  • Has a parent or guardian who has been deported or was permitted to depart voluntarily under the federal Immigration and Nationality Act.
  • Moved abroad as a result of the deportation or voluntary departure.
  • Lived in California immediately before moving abroad.
  • Attended a public or private secondary school in California for three or more years.
  • Upon enrollment, will be in his or her first academic year as a matriculated student in California public higher education.
  • Will be living in California and will file an affidavit with the community college stating that he or she intends to establish residency in California as soon as possible.
  • Documentation shall be provided by the student as required by statute as specified in Ed Code section 76140(a)(5).

Click to submit the California No​n-resi​dent Waiver Form​.​

AB 2210​ Student Exemptions

The state provides for students who have been granted special immigrant visas or were admitted to the United States as refugees the right to be exempt from paying non-resident tuition. Learn more by reading Assembly Bill AB 2210 and Article 6 “Exceptions to Residence Determination”.​

                                Read AB 2210
​​​                               Read Article 6​


​Services​​ & Forms

​Requests may be submitted to Admissions & Records with a valid photo ID or emailed to admissions@norcocollege.edu. In order for requests to be processed, emails must be sent directly from your student email account @student.rccd.edu. Please use our LiveChat feature to communicate with an Admissions & Records staff member for assistance. ​


Access Stud​​ent Email and Reset Password​​

When you apply to become a Norco College student your official email account is automatically set up. All you need to do is access it. Norco College email keeps you informed with important notices, new classes, class changes, wait list status, notices from Student Financial Services, faculty correspondence and more.

You should have received your Norco College email address in the mail a few days after applying. If you did not receive it you can clic​k here to find out what your email address is.

Portal Access 
Use your full email and password to log into see your emails. The same email credentials are used to log into various student-related portals.

Softwa​​re Access​ 
You will receive instructions on how to access software. Every Norco College student receives access to Microsoft Office 365 for Education (email, spreadsheet, word processing, etc.) following registration. Some programs may also provide access to other software, like Adobe applications. This software will be preloaded onto desktop or laptops provided by the department. Policies vary by department. 
Logging In 
Use your full email and password to login to see your emails. The same email credentials will often be used to log into your various student-related portals and/or software. Contact your department if you require help logging in. 

Student Email Password Reset

(Do not use MAIL.OFFICE365.COM to reset email password)

  • For password assistance, please email Norco College Admissions & Records at admissions@norcocollege.edu or call (951) 372-7002

  1. ​Only email from the personal account that you have listed on your application. Be sure to include the following information:

    • ​Student Name
    • Student ID
    • Student Email
    • Date of Birth​

Control “SPAM” or Unsolicited Email

It is possible that messages sent to you from Norco College may be considered “spam” and sent directly to your junk folder. Please check your junk mail folder when you log in to ensure you do not miss any important emails from Norco College. Being cautious about the sharing of your email address while online will help reduce the amount of unsolicited email you receive. Microsoft has a strict Anti-Spam Policy prohibiting the use of email accounts to send spam.

Forward Norco College Email to an Existing Email Address

Relay email that goes to your Norco College mailbox to your own personal email address so you don’t need to check multiple email accounts. ​​



We are pleased to announce that a comprehensive online transcript service with an integrated electronic delivery option is now available through our partnership with Parchment​. The new system will provide students with access to:

  • Send transcripts electronically
  • A secure online platform
  • 24/7 service for students and alumni
  • Real-time update for tracking delivery via email, text, or fax
  • Automated acknowledgement of all orders
  • FedEx delivery options worldwide
  • Self-serving attachment feature​

How to Order an Official Transcript

Order your transcripts by accessing WebAdvisor now! 

  • After login, click on Order an Official RCCD Transcript under the Academic Profile menu. For login assistance, visit the Login Help section of WebAdvisor.

Students unable to login to WebAdvisor may place an order directly through Parchment​.  

  • Please note that your signature will be required for release of your academic transcript using this option. Follow instructions for transmission of release after completion of order.​
  • Service Options & Pricing

Same Day Order Cut-Off Time​​

The cut-off time for all Same Day Pick-Up transcript requests is two hours before department closure. All Same Day requests received after the cut-off time will be processed the following business day.​

Important Information

  • Transcripts will not be released until all outstanding fees to the District have been paid and all holds are cleared.
  • Students must be present with valid photo identification in order to pick up transcripts in person.
  • In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, records may not be released to a third party without the written, signed authorization of the student. Valid photo identification (state ID, license, or passport) for both the student and the individual listed must be presented prior to the release of records (legible photocopy of ID will be permitted). Access Consent Form for details.
  • Courses completed at other colleges/universities are not included. Copies of transcripts from other colleges/universities must be requested from those institutions.
  • Transcripts not picked up within 90 days will be destroyed and will not be refunded.

Transcript Policies​​

  • Transcripts ordered from any of the three RCCD colleges include all coursework completed at Moreno Valley College, Norco College, Riverside City College, and any work-in-progress for the current term. It is not necessary to order transcripts from each RCCD college attended.
  • All transcript orders are submitted online. Computers are available on campus to complete transcript orders.  COD/Pay-in-person options are provided when ordering online. Phone orders are available with additional surcharge.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to make sure all semester grades, degrees, and grade changes are posted before submitting an order for transcripts.
  • Courses completed at other colleges/universities are not included. Copies of transcripts from other colleges/universities must be requested from those institutions.
  • Transcripts sent from Riverside Community College District to other colleges/universities are considered official. Personal or hand-carried sealed copies are also official, but may not be accepted by all institutions.

General Education Certification

General Education (GE) Certification is an official notification from a California Community College that a transfer student has completed courses fulfilling lower division general education requirements.

General Education Certification may include courses completed at Norco College and other accredited colleges or universities in the United States. The student must provide Norco College Counseling Center with official transcripts of all coursework from other institutions for which they are requesting GE Certification. For courses from out-of-state institutions, the student must also provide a catalog course description.

Students are responsible for requesting certification when requesting transcripts to be sent to participating institutions. Please note that GE Certification (CSU, IGETC) processing takes an additional 7 business days and during peak times, processing can take up to 14 days.

CSU - California State University General Education (CSUGE)
Norco College may certify a maximum of 39 units as having fulfilled the CSU lower division general education requirements. Grades of “C” or better must be earned in 30 of these 39 units.

UC – Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) for Transfer to CSU and UC
Transfer students will receive IGETC certification after completing all the required subject areas with a minimum “C” grade or better.

If you have any questions regarding General Education, consult a counselor.

Extra-Curricular Activities Record

The Extra-Curricular Activities and Honors Coursework Record is available for students to have their participation in college clubs and/or district organizations, student government, service to the community on behalf of a club, publications, scholarships, and awards acknowledged and mailed with their transcripts. The form also serves as a record for Honors Coursework taken at Norco College.

Students that wish to include this information must fill out the Extra-Curricular Activities and Honors Coursework form (available below and in the Student Activities office), take it to each advisor for signatures, and bring it to a campus student service official for clubs and activities for final approval BEFORE transcript order is placed.

For Honors coursework, an academic service official's signature is required. For scholarships, please obtain the signature from the District Dean of Student Financial Services.

Please keep in mind that only one form is mailed out. If students turn in an Extra-Curricular Activities and Honor Coursework Record form and then stay at Norco College longer and turn in another form, the 2nd form must have all of the 1st form's information on it, including signatures. Only the current form will be mailed. It is important to keep this form neat, grammatically correct, and preferably typed.

Unofficial Transcripts

Unofficial transcripts are available for view and print online in WebAdvisor. To access your unofficial transcripts online, log into your 
WebAdvisor account, click on the Students box, then click View/Print My Unofficial Transcript under the Academic Profile menu. Printed copies of your unofficial transcripts may also be obtained at the Admissions and Records office for $1 per copy.​