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2022 - 2023​​​ PUENTE Interest Form

The PUENTE Community College Program is an academic, counseling, and mentoring program of support for students to build the skills necessary for success in both academic and career goals while in community college. Students enrolled in the PUENTE program work closely with their Counselor, English Instructor, and Mentor to prepare for transfer to four-year colleges and universities, with the ultimate goal that Puentistas return to their community as leaders and mentors.

When students are in the Pu​e​nte​ Program​, they are committing to the active participation in the yearlong learning community where the 30-student cohort will take English and Guidance classes together over one academic year. Learning communities offer a supportive environment where students feel involved, motivated, and encouraged to build transfer-ready academic strategies and skills.


The PUENTE counseling component provides academic, personal, and career advising to prepare students to transfer to a four-year college or university. The PUENTE Counselor teaches transfer-credit Guidance courses: GUI 47 in the fall and GUI 46 in the spring semester. GUI 47 is a Career Exploration course that helps students choose the right major/career. GUI 46 provides everything students need to know about transferring to a four-year university.

PUENTE’s English component includes a college transfer-level English composition course (English 1A) followed by a critical thinking and writing English course (English 1B). The writing classroom environment in the Puente Program allows students to develop their writer’s voice with confidence while working with rigorous academic texts.​​

PUENTE mentoring component offers students the opportunity to be paired with local professionals who graciously volunteer their time for one-on-one mentoring sharing their stories of their academic and career paths and what they learned about being a successful professional. Our community mentors support their students’ college-going​ aspirations; they help guide and motivate their mentee’s to build the social and cultural capital they will need for their future success as college students and career professionals.

The PUENTE Program recruits students who are interested in:

  • A community of support with the goal to transfer to a four-year university
  • Improving their academic skills and success strategies
  • Participating in a college organization which maintains an active presence in Norco campus  student life
  • Taking courses that integrate Latino and other multicultural literature
  • Visiting colleges and universities and/or attending cultural events in the community

Puente welcomes any interested student regardless of race, ethnicity or gender. Students who are interested in participating in Puente should download the PUENTE Application and submit the completed form to the Norco College Counseling Department (Student Services Building, 2nd Floor). Attendance at a mandatory orientation in the Summer and the availability to attend the scheduled Fall events is required for acceptance.


Dr. ​Maria Jurado
Puente Coordinator/Assistant Professor
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Ryan Hitch
​Puente English Instructor​
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