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Canvas is a learning management system (LMS), from Instructure, which lets you create educational courses.  Canvas enables our students to continue their education from home by allowing them to receive online instruction.  It lets you create courses that look like web pages.​​

Single Sign-On (SSO) Access*

Starting June 14th, the Canvas Learning Management System will begin utilizing the RCCD Single Sign-On system (SSO).  All users attempting to access Canvas will now see the Microsoft SSO login prompt when they sign in.  Users should enter the same userID and password they employ for the RCCD email system or Microsoft Office 365.  As an added bonus, an icon for the Canvas application will now appear in the RCCD SSO portal, myapplications.microsoft.com.
Canvas Single Sign-On icon
*If you were given access to the Student Support Hub (https://rccd.instructure.com/courses/31763) in Canvas with a unique login ID and password, you will need to continue to login using https://rccd.instructure.com/login/canvas​.

​Training Documents

​Training Videos

​Canvas Basics Overview Video​

New Instructional Tools
​ - Fall FLEX Days - 8/19/2021

Accessibility Tools Overview (Beginner Level)
- Fall FLEX Days - 8/19/2021​

Accessibility Pitfalls and Solutions
(Intermediate to Advanced Levels)
- Fall FLEX Days - 8/19/2021​

Returning to the Classroom with Canvas (Beginner Level)
- Fall FLEX Days - 8/19/2021

New Features in Canvas (Intermediate to Advanced Level)
- Fall FLEX Days - 8/19/2021