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Policies and Procedures


The Instructional Media Center provides a variety of equipment for classroom delivery. In order to schedule equipment for delivery please complete a Online Media Request Form either in person, by phone, or online at least 48 hours in advance. The following is a list of equipment available for delivery:


  • LCD/DLP 
  • Overhead

Video Eqiupment

  • LCD Display 
  • DVD Player
  • Camcorder with Tripod
  • Document Camera

Audio Equipment

  • CD Player
  • Public Address System
  • Microphone
  • Audio Recorder

Laptop Carts

Laptop carts can only be requested in the following buildings:

  • Applied Technology
  • Humanities
  • Industrial Technology
  • Library
  • Science & Technology

Please contact IMC for additional information about requesting laptop carts.


  • Screen
  • Easel / Pad
  • Laptop Cart
  • Laptop

Should you experience any problems with media equipment after it has been delivered please contact the IMC main desk at (951) 372-7071.

Classroom / Technology Access

Certain classrooms require a card and / or key in order to access the media equipment. To obtain the card / key, please contact Donna Dery at (951) 372-7044 or in advance of date needed.

Please do not contact the Instructional Media Center for access to the media equipment. Also, please do not request training from the IMC Department until the key / card has been obtained.

The following buildings require a card / key to access classroom technology.

  • Applied Technology (Room 114)
  • Humanities
  • Industrial Technology
  • Student Success Center
  • Theater (Room 101)
  • West End Quad

Video Conferencing

Instructors and staff needing to schedule video conferencing sessions must contact Stephen Ashby at (951) 222-8883, or email at to submit a video conferencing request.

Video conferencing is available in the following on campus locations:

  • Industrial Technology - Room 218
  • Science & Technology - Room 107
  • Student Success Center - Room 219 and 217

Digital Signage

Please contact the Instructional Media Center to display any approved material on the digital signage system located in the Student Success Center cafeteria.

Equipment Repairs

Equipment repairs are provided in the order that the request for repair is received. Please submit a FOOTPRINTS order to IMC requesting repair services or contact the Instructional Media Center. Only equipment that has been purchased through IMC will be repaired. Equipment purchased by departments without consulting the IMC will not be repaired, and it will be the responsibility of the requesting department to obtain repair services.

LCD Projector Replacement Lamps
The Instructional Media Center provides LCD projector replacement lamp service in the order that the request for lamp replacement received. Please contact the IMC to schedule these services. The IMC will replace LCD projection lamps on projectors purchased by / through the IMC. If the projector was not purchased by / through the IMC, the department requesting assistance must obtain repair / replacement services from an outside vendor.

Purchasing Guidelines

In order to ensure compatibility with existing supported equipment, the Instructional Media Center must be consulted before any equipment is purchased. Please contact the Instructional Media Broadcast Technician to arrange a consultation. After providing details and reviewing the needs of the department, the IMC will recommend the purchase of equipment and obtain a vendor quote. If the quote is acceptable, the IMC will then work together with the requesting party to generate a requisition for the purchase of equipment.

The timeline for the installing of new equipment is dependent on a variety of factors including: type of equipment, vendor, location to be installed, inventory control and room availability. Please contact the IMC for an approximation of availability of new equipment.

In order to initiate a request for a media service, please adhere to the following guidelines.

48-hour notice is required for all media requests

When filling out the Online Media Request Form, please include:

  • Building
  • Room Number
  • Name of Requestor
  • Contact Number
  • Day / Dates you would like the order
  • Time your class starts and ends

Note: Only one order per form. Multiple requests require multiple forms.