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JFK Media Equipment - Faculty Please Read

 IMC provides access to media technology at JFK High School through the use of media carts and laptops.

·         Media Cart – portable carts that are delivered as needed. Included in the cart are a projector, audio speakers, and audiovisual cables used to connect to a computer. Please note that computers are not included with the carts.

To request a media cart, follow the IMC Media Request link located on this page and be sure to select “Media Cart.” Once IMC has reviewed the media request, a confirmation will be sent via email.

·         Laptop – portable computer that is not delivered as needed but is checked out and loaned to an instructor for the duration of the semester. Included with the laptop is a carrying case and charger. All IMC laptops are fully compatible with the media carts.

>  To request a laptop, be sure to include a laptop in your media request form by selecting “Laptop.” Please note that laptops are not delivered and must be checked out from room 120 of the Operations Center after submitting a media request form.

>  Instructors may use their personal laptops. However, if you will be using your own laptop make sure it is compatible for use with a VGA cable, which is the device by which the computer communicates with the projector.  If your computer is not VGA compatible, as is the case with MAC computers you will need to provide your own VGA adapter.