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Student Support Services (SSS)

SSS StudentsThe Norco College Student Support Services (SSS) program is a federally funded TriO program from the U.S. Department of Education designed to assist participants with enhancing their academic skills, increase retention, and probability of their successful transfer or completion of a degree or certificate program.

The program is available to students from low-income families and/or families in which neither parent holds a bachelor's degree. The SSS RISE (Realizing Individual Success through Education) provides similar services for students with documented disabilities. Students must also have a demonstrated academic need for assistance and guidance. Click below for complete eligibility guidelines.

SSS is designed to ensure that participants persist from semester to semester through graduation and transfer.  Students build a solid Student Education Plan (SEP), receive tutoring to help them complete basic college requirements, have access to counseling, receive assistance with applying for and obtaining financial aid, and are helped with applications to four-year institutions.

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SSS Program

SSS RISE Program