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​Pr​ivat​e College & Universities

California's fully accredited independent colleges and universities provide a host of options at undergraduate, graduate and professional levels for students planning to continue their education beyond community college.

Some colleges and universities require a certain number of completed units before considering students eligible for transfer. Others will accept students at any time. The requirements are outlined in the respective college catalogs, available upon request from the college's or university's Office of Admissions.

Since admissions requirements vary by campus, students planning on transferring to a private college should meet with their counselor to develop an educational plan. Copies of breadth requirements and major requirements for some nearby independent colleges and universities can be found in the college's Career/Transfer Centers.​​

Private University Websites​

Transfer Agreements

Click on the link below to view the list of private institutions that will accept IGETC and/or CSU to meet general education certification for transfer.

If you have questions, please meet with your counselor.​