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​​Gen​eral Information

Federal Work Study (FWS)
Students eligible for Federal Work Study may be awarded up to $4,000.00 per fiscal year. The Norco College School Code is 041761.

To be eligible students are required to:

  • Have completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). 
  • Have completed their financial aid file and determined eligible. 
  • Meet the Student Financial Services Satisfactory Academic Progress standard. 
  • Maintain at least 1/2 time enrollment. 
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA. 
  • Norco Home College designation 

Department-Funded Work Study
Riverside Community College District employment opportunities are available throughout the District and do not require the completion of the FAFSA. Wages are paid from a department's budget. Students must:

  • Maintain at least 1/2 time enrollment. 
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA 
  • Norco Home College designation  

CalWORKs Work Study
The CalWORKs Work Study program connects eligible CalWORKs students to entry level employment opportunities related to their course of study. The focus is to link employers to students who can learn initial job skills, maintain long-term employment directed toward career development while continuing their college course work and maintain their GAIN (Greater Avenues for Independence) eligibility. CalWORKs Work Study sites are primarily off-campus. Students must:

  • Be enrolled in at least one unit. 
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA. 
  • Maintain eligibility with GAIN. 
  • Norco Home College designation 

PLEASE NOTE: You must work at the college listed on your admissions application for all positions. Students are limited to 16 semesters or 4 years of employment (with the exception of CalWORKs Work Study).​​

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