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Students of Distinction



It is with great pride that we present the following students as the 2023​ Students of Distinction.  These students were nominated by faculty in their discipline for their outstanding academics.  

Bobby Rigo

Bobby Rigo ​​​


 Nominated by Professor Kim Kamerin 

'Bobby is a multi-talented musician. He is earning degrees in Music Industry Studies and Music and has distinguished himself in Chamber Singers, Music Theory, Piano, and MIS-1. Bobby is energetic, dependable, well-liked, and respected by his peers and instructors. He has remained steadfast in his goals through the pandemic and continues to be an asset to the Music and MIS programs at Norco College.'-Kim Kamerin

Student of Distinction: Bobby Rigo

Norco College student Bobby Rigo was selected as the 2023 Student of Distinction in the discipline of Music. He was nominated by Professor Kim Kamerin. Hear from Bobby on why he chose Music as his major and his experience about becoming a better musician.

Brittney Sanchez

Brittney Sanchez ​​​


 Nominated by Professor Ruben Aguilar 

'Brittney embodies the definition of being a servant leader. Through her empathetic leadership as Vice President of the Kinesiology Student Association (2022.) Brittney is a natural leader, and it showed last semester when she planned and organized a two-day conference at Cal State Long Beach with the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association.) With her leadership, 11 of our KSA students received a Foundations of Coaching Lifts certificate. Brittney is now our club President this semester and has grown our Kinesiology club from 23 members to over 40 new members. Brittney is a woman of honesty and integrity whose depth of character is a model for others to emulate: she is a success-driven, results-oriented, committed, hard-working individual who possesses determination when faced with adversity and reflects caring and empathy in her interactions with others. With all these leadership qualities, Brittney Sanchez is our 2023 Student of Distinction in the Kinesiology Department.'-Ruben Aguilar

Student of Distinction: Brittney Sanchez

Norco College student Brittany Sanchez was selected as the 2023 Student of Distinction in the discipline of Kinesiology. She was nominated by Professor Ruben Aguilar. Hear from Brittany on why she chose Kinesiology as her major and her experience at Norco College.

Clarissa O'Malley

Clarissa O'Malley ​​​


 Nominated by Professor Jody Tyler 

'Clarissa decided to come back to school after staying at home to help raise her children. I had her in my Che-1B class in Spring 2022 and was excited to find out that she was a Chemistry major. She is a hard working student but she also has a delightful personality. She always has a smile on her face and enjoys interacting with others.  Clarissa really enjoyed lab and she was always thorough in her work. After watching her positive interactions with others and seeing how she excelled in chemistry (she received an "A" in the class), I asked her to be my embedded Tutor for Fall 2022. In addition, I was able to obtain funds for her to also be a TA in my Che-1B lab. Students really loved her and felt comfortable asking her for help. Clarissa was such a huge support for me and students in the lab as it is very difficult for one instructor to be available for 32 students in a lab when the experiments are complex and students need extra support. Clarissa is a very intelligent individual, has an infectious personality and is a joy to be around. I hope you will support her in recognizing her as a Norco College Student of Distinction for 2022.'-Jody Tyler

Student of Distinction: Clarissa O'Malley

Norco College student Clarissa O'Malley was selected as the 2023 Student of Distinction in the discipline of Chemistry. She was nominated by Professor Jody Tyler. Hear from Clarissa on why she chose Chemistry as her major and her experience at Norco College.

Gerardo Devara

Gerardo Devara ​​​



Student of Distinction: Gerardo Devara

Norco College student Gerardo Devara was selected as the 2023 Student of Distinction in the discipline of Computer Science. He was nominated by Professor Daniel Grejeda. Hear from Gerardo on why he chose Computer Science as his major and his experience at Norco College.

Marty Sanchez

Marty Sanchez ​​​


 Music Industry Studies
 Nominated by Professor Brady Kerr 

'Christopher “Marty” Sanchez is an exceptional example of what it means to be driven and dedicated. He currently holds down four jobs and a full academic schedule. He is the president of Battery, Norco College’s Drumline club, which he launched this semester. Not only did he spearhead the club’s creation, but he has also been dedicated to recruiting and building a community of inclusiveness, just like in his everyday life. His peers admire Marty for his artistic prowess, drum skills, positive energy, knowledge, and self-motivation. As his instructor, supervisor, and club advisor, I think Marty is, without question, a student of distinction with superpowers. Music Industry Studies is blessed to have him as an integral part of our program and a core member of the Studio Arts Ensemble.'-Brady Kerr

Student of Distinction: Marty Sanchez

Norco College student Marty Sanchez was selected as the 2023 Student of Distinction in the discipline of Music Industry Studies. He was nominated by Professor Brady Kerr. Hear from Marty on why he chose Music Industry Studies as his major and his experience at Norco College.

Mesbah Dawar

Mesbah Dawar ​​​


 Nominated by Professor Farshid Mirzaei 

'Though Mesbah is the first time taking course with me, her great team playing, hard work and dedication to her study can be recognized easily. She is working part time also supporting her classmates when they need help. She is very active and aware of her class as whole. Always prepare herself before the class and goes beyond expectations. She should be recognized for all her hard work to be a light for her life and others.'-Farshid Mirzaei

Student of Distinction: Mesbah Dawar

Norco College student Mesbah Dawar was selected as the 2023 Student of Distinction in the discipline of Architecture. She was nominated by Professor Farshid Mirzaei. Hear from Mesbah on why she chose Architecture as her major and her experience at Norco College.

Teresa Guerrero

Teresa Guerrero ​​​


 English as a Second Language
 Nominated by Professor Margarita Shirinian 

'I met Teresa in class in Fall 2022.  She enrolled in my advanced Grammar/Writing class. It was her first class at Norco College; actually, it was her first college class ever, and it was rather challenging for her.  However, Teresa did her best every single day.  She never missed any classes and was always ready in the morning with her completed assignments, questions, and a big smile on her face. She was always positive, motivated, and determined to listen and understand complex language phenomena. The most important was her realization that she didn't imagine her life without school any longer even though she was very busy with her family responsibilities, kids' activities, and a job as a cafeteria worker at the CNUSD. This semester, Teresa is in my class again. She exhibits the same great attitude and work ethics, and she is a pleasure to have in class.  Teresa definitely deserves to be recognized.'-Margarita Shirinian

Student of Distinction: Teresa Guerrero

Norco College student Teresa Guerrero was selected as the 2023 Student of Distinction in the discipline of English as a Second Language. She was nominated by Professor Margarita Shirinian. Hear from Teresa in her native Spanish on why she chose to take English as a Second Language classes and her experience at Norco College.