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​Employer Services

Thank you for your interest in advertising employment opportunities for our students and alumni at Norco College. We are eager to assist employers in our community with advertising recruitments for a variety of work experience opportunities including part-time, full-time, internship (paid or unpaid), temporary, volunteer, and one-time jobs. There are no fees associated with any employer services provided by Norco College.

Questions about employer services can be directed to the Norco College Career Center at (951) 372-7147 or

NC Connect
Norco College does not permit employment-related flyers to be posted or distributed on campus; rather, job announcements are posted exclusively online in our career services portal, NC Connect.

To access NC Connect and post an announcement, visit, select “Employers”, and then click “Sign Up and Post a Job”. Here, you will have an opportunity to review our Employment Advertising Guidelines, register for the system, and submit the initial posting required for us to complete the screening process.

Job Announcements
​All job postings are subject to approval by the Norco College Career Center. Qualified job announcements are usually posted within two (2) business days and can be monitored, edited, closed, and/or extended within the NC Connect system. Employers may also post information regarding hiring events, internships, and volunteer opportunities using the online job posting form.

Personal employment services (such as tutoring, day care, yard work, etc.) are an integral component of Norco College's involvement in the development of the communities we serve. Personal employers cannot use the NC Connect system directly, but job announcements can still be posted there. To do so, please e-mail your employment needs to us directly at, and our staff will contact you shortly.

On-Campus Recruiting
​Due to current campus closures related to COVID-19, Norco College is not currently providing opportunities for on-campus recruitment.
However, when the campus operates on-campus services, employers may request an opportunity to conduct on-campus recruitment through the NC Connect system (currently limited to three times per semester). With a two-week notice, employers may request either an "Information Presentation" (workshop) or an "Information Booth" (table set-up in the campus center). Please note: employers are required to first register for the NC Connect system and post a recruiting announcement prior to requesting on-campus recruiting activities.​


Work Experience Partnerships
Norco College operates a cooperative work experience education program that helps college students gain the skills they need to be successful in the workforce.  By partnering with local employers, we turn job sites into learning environments where students get real world experience working for great companies.  Students receive college credit and employers enhance their workforce to add greater value to their organizations.​