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​​Frequently ​Asked Questions

How do I enroll in an Honors class? 
You must first be accepted into the Honors Program; the application is available on our website. Once accepted, enroll in an Honors class through WebAdvisor, just like your other classes. If your enrollment date for the semester is near, contact the Honors Program Coordinator to expedite consideration for the Program.

What are the eligibility requirements to be accepted into the Honors Program?
You must be eligible to take ENG-1A and have a 3.0 GPA.

How do I complete the Honors Program and take advantage of the transfer agreements?
To complete the Honors Program, you must take (and pass with a B or better) five honors designated courses with an overall GPA of at least 3.2. To take advantage of our transfer agreements, you must also fulfill any other course requirements for the major and the school to which you
are applying. Keep in mind that to be a competitive transfer applicant, a GPA higher than 3.2 is highly desirable.

Will my transcripts reflect that I took honors courses?
Yes. Honors courses are designated with an H on your transcripts (ex: ENG-1AH).

If I have already taken the non-honors version of a course, can I now take the honors version?
No. For example, once you take POL-1 you cannot take POL-1H.

Do I have to complete the honors program?
Not necessarily. ​If you want to take advantage of the transfer agreements, yes.
However, even just a few honors courses on your otherwise stellar transcripts and participation in the activities that the Program offers can help you stand out in the transfer process.​