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​Honors Pr​ogram Admission

Minimum Eligibility Requirements

  • 3.00 GPA in at least 9 units of transferable course work for RCCD students OR 3.00 GPA for incoming high school students 
  • Eligibility for, or completion of, English 1A 
  • Completion of an Honors Program application for all students interested in the program 

How to Apply?
It is best to apply well before you plan to register for classes; as only pre-approved students will be allowed to register for honors sections.

To apply to join the RCCD Honors Program complete the Application Form​.

If you do not currently meet the minimum eligibility requirements (GPA, transcript requirement, etc.), yet believe that you are capable of succeeding in the Honors Program, we encourage you to complete and submit the Petition for Special Admission​ ​form and to submit it with your application.

Registering for Honors Courses
Honors Program classes appear in the Schedule of Classes (along with all other campus offerings) and will be designated with an H (e.g.: POL-1H or HIS-6H). Please see the Norco Hon​ors Schedule for campus offerings during the next few semesters. Registration for Honors Courses occurs through WebAdvisor (just like all other classes). 

Please Note: if you have not been accepted into the Honors Program, your attempt to register for honors courses will be blocked.  

How Do I Complete the Program?
To complete the program, students must take and successfully finish 5 honors courses and maintain an overall GPA of 3.2.

Remember, even if you only successfully complete a few honors course (that is, do not officially complete the program), this effort can make you stand out among transfer students.​​​