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WLC is intentional about understanding the experiences of marginalized women and providing the necessary support for students to thrive in their personal and academic endeavors. The program's mission is to lead and unify women of diverse backgrounds to establish a growth mindset of personal worth and value. Also, combat stereotypical views created by society about the image of women. It is essential for women to channel their internal struggles positively and receive guidance and support from peers and professional staff to attain whole student development. To execute the mission of WLC, students have a safe space to discuss current issues that bear adverse effects on women and provide an opportunity for students to voice their opinions and concerns with fellow students and professional staff. Research indicates that marginalized women are facing significant challenges and fighting to overcome barriers that can hinder academic and overall student success. With this in mind, WLC will continue to incorporate the narratives of our students to find new and innovative ways to impact the lives of these women. Most importantly, foster success by aiding in the development of strong character and positive self-image.​