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Mental Health Mind and Body: Stress-Relief Solutions
It's easy to get stressed out with the hustle and bustle of life. Learn to relax and stay stress-free all year long with these articles and tips.

The American Institute of Stress
Clearinghouse for information on all stress-related subjects.
Here at, we are committed to ensuring that anyone suffering from an anxiety disorder has access to all the resources they need to understand and overcome their affliction. Our dedicated team works to make mental health information accessible, inclusive, easy-to-find, and easy-to-understand.

CDC: Suicide Prevention
Suicide statistics, understanding suicide, suicide prevention strategies and link to National Suicide Hotline.

Live Your Life Well
The non-profit Mental Health America has compiled the 10 Tools to Live Your Life Well. Based on extensive scientific evidence, these tools can help you relax, grow and flourish.

WebMD: Meditation
Learn how meditation can heal the body and mind in 20 minutes a day.

WebMD: Mental Health
Depression, social anxiety and bipolar disorder are only a few of the mental illnesses and mental health problems addressed here. Learn what types of treatment options are available.