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Rethinking Drinking: Alcohol and Your Health
Valuable research-based information for anyone who drinks from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Guide to looking at your drinking habits and how they are affecting your health.

Alcoholics Anonymous
A fellowship of men and women devoted to helping themselves and others become sober.

Blood Alcohol Educator

An interactive program developed by The Century Council to educate the user about how alcohol consumption affects an individual’s Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC). Includes a guide to state laws regarding drinking and driving.

Party and Club Drugs
Reliable, detailed information on party and club drugs such as ecstasy, LSD and methamphetamine, sponsored by the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

CDC: Pregnancy and Alcohol
Comprehensive information on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) including prevention.

The Science of Drug Abuse and Addiction
Education resources and materials on drugs of abuse.

Recovery Connection
Nationally recognized program for helping people locate reputable, state-of-the-art drug addiction treatment centers, rehabilitation programs and addiction treatment resources. Includes toll-free helpline.
Different people need different resources to help them quit smoking. This website sponsored by the Tobacco Control Research Branch of the National Center Institute allows you to choose the help that best fits your needs including a step-by-step cessation guide.

Tobacco Free California
Tools and tips to break the smoking habit sponsored by the California Department of Public Health.