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joshua wear

U.S. Navy - Joshua James Wear

Military Profile: E-5 U.S. Navy Aviation
Warfare Electrician
Academic Program: Transfer CSULS Sociology

“My experience at Norco College has allowed me a smooth transition from active duty military to civilian life. Working closely with Veterans Services has helped me to gain experiences and contacts that will carry forward in my future. The Veterans Club on campus is an organization filled with amazing people doing incredible feats, I am extremely happy to have been a part of it.”​

danny chelhaiber
U.S. Air Force - Danny Chebaiber
Military​ Profile: E-5/ SS​​GT Crew Chief C-17/C-5
Academic Pro​​gram: Chemical Engineering/ Transfer UC Berkley 
So easy a cav​​eman can do it!”​

shawn davis

U.S. Army - Sha​​wn Davis

Military Pro​file: Sergeant Airborne Infantry 
Academic Progra​​m: Transfer to CSU
The staff at Nor​co College is very supportive to veterans and provides you with all the necessary tools to succeed.“​

ruben aguiilar

U.S. Army - Ruben Aguilar

Military Profile: Sergeant Airborne Infantry
Academic Program: AA Social Behavioral Sciences, Transfer CSU
“My interaction with my peers and faculty gave me a sense of belonging to the campus, and I achieved many goals I never thought were possible.”​

denise prado

​U.S. Army - ​​Denise Prado

Military Prof​​ile: E-5/SGT Automated Logistical Specialist
Academic Program: AS Administration of Justice/Transfer CSUSB
My experience at Norco College was astounding. I could not have picked a better community college to attend.”​