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​Military Articulation Platform (MAP)

The Military Articulation Platform and MilCPL

Veterans complete rigorous training and coursework while on active duty. The American Council on Education (ACE) provides college credit recommendations based on analysis of military training. Nevertheless, our veterans often do not receive the credit they deserve. A Rand Corporation study estimates that only 1 in 4 veterans believes they receive the college credits they deserve for their military training.

The Military Articulation Platform (MAP) is a cloud-based system that matches college courses to ACE credit recommendations, which become articulations when they are approved by discipline faculty. Articulations are stored in MAP and offered as college credit to incoming and regional veterans. Articulations may be adopted by other participating colleges, creating an ecosystem designed to maximize military credit for prior learning (MilCPL).

Our Goal is to make it normal and expected for all veterans and active duty service members to receive all the credit they deserve and to achieve all their educational goals with existing benefits. regional effort to give veterans the credit they deserve by articulating college courses with ACE military credit recommendations--allowing colleges to offer local and regional veterans up to one year of credit in programs leading to high wage jobs and transfer.

Norco College, the Riverside Community College District, and the Inland Empire Desert Regional Consortium (IEDRC) are leading the effort to design and deploy the MAP in California’s 116 Community Colleges and beyond. The goal is to improve equitable access, success, completion, transfer, and career attainment by maximizing MilCPL.

​This video describes the MAP Pro​ject:

Norco College Military Articulation Platform


The MAP project began in 2017 at Norco College and was supported by $250K legislative appropriation for Phase 1 (design and beta test). In 2018, Phase 2 (expansion to IEDRC regional colleges) began as Project #16 of the IEDRC. Phase 3 (initial scaling statewide for MilCPL and CPL) begins January 1, 2022 and is supported by a $2M legislative appropriation. Phase 4 (scaling statewide and including all CPL) is proposed in the 2022-2023 State Budget.

From the outset, MAP was endorsed by the Academic Senate of the California Community Colleges (ASCCC), the CCC Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO), ACE, CalVet, and local and regional legislators.

Early Performance Indicators

Project MAP is in the very early stages of utilization and is yet achieving positive results.

  • 750 plus trained in MilCPL
  • Ongoing legislative advocacy for MilCPL/CPL
  • Established transfer pathways Cal State University partners
  • Established scalable solution for statewide MilCPL articulations
  • 12 Participating colleges ()
  • 130 Programs of study have articulated credits
  • 34 Veterans awarded with transcripted MAP credit at just one college
  • 150 plus regional courses have articulated credits
  • 454 Regional veterans eligible for credit based on approved articulations at just one college
  • 662 MAP Articulations approved for listing on the Transfer Evaluation System (TES) from three colleges in RCCD

Video Trainings and Resources​

2nd Annual Military Summit (2021) Welcome from ASCCC, Christopher Howerton

Norco College Military Articulation Platform

MAP Features Overview - FINAL - 10-06-2021

MilCPL and MAP Student Testimonial – Mauricio Cano-Cortez

MAP Technical Training - 09-25-2020

Military Training to College Pathways - Giving Credit Where Credit is Due - 09-18-2020

Fall FLEX Days 2020 - MAP Presentation

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Transfer Evaluation System (TES) by CollegeSource

Legislative Information

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Legislation that supports MAP:

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Principles of MAP enabled colleges
  • ​MAP-Enable Institutional Requirements​
    1. ​Signed letter of “Institutional Commitment to Maximize College Credit for Military Training" by Leadership of Academic Senate, College, District, and Board of Trustees.
    2. Provide a “Center" or stand-alone area or building where military-connected students can meet, socialize, study or get academic help.
    3. Agree to Principles of Excellence, 8 Keys to Veterans' Success, and the most recent Defense Department Memorandum of Understanding.
    4. Reduce or Eliminate out-of-pocket tuition costs for Post-9/11 GI Bill® users and, where needed, participate in the Yellow Ribbon program to help make up the difference between tuition costs and GI Bill™​ benefits. At least 4 stars.
    5. Charge at or below TA Cap Rate ($250 per unit in 2016)
    6. Staff Support. At least 2 stars per Military Times criteria.
    7. Regionally Accredited
    8. Average Student Loan Default Rate under 13%
    9. Commitment of faculty to make an articulation decision on each catalog course
    10. Commitment of college leadership to designate discipline faculty leads for articulation decisions
    11. Commitment of college IT staff to grant access to the MAP API Components (Incoming Data Pipelines, Data Source/Transformation, Data Loading/Mapping) to local college data sources​

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  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    MAP Kn​​owledgebase​

    • Click here​ to view the MAP Knowledgebase

    MAP Project Expert

    Calvin Klein GloriaPlease join me in welcoming Calvin Klein Gloria to Norco College. Calvin is joining us today as the new Military Articulation Platform (MAP) Project Expert. He will be working to boost the veteran student enrollment, articulation, and outreach at Norco College and at all other MAP-enabled colleges. Currently, there are 13 MAP colleges, a cohort which will expand to 50 in the near future. Calvin’s office space is in the Academic Affairs suite, so stop by and say hi sometime soon.
    Calvin enlisted in the Navy as an Aviation Machinist Mate (AD) and specialized in MH-60 helicopters from 2011 through 2015. He was deployed overseas twice, once on a carrier and once on a destroyer. After his 4-year enlistment, Calvin attended Norco College and worked at the VRC as team lead. He made a huge impact by guiding, mentoring and connecting with other veterans. He then transferred and worked at Veterans Affairs Loma Linda as a patient advocate assistant, where he advocated for veterans and identified the barriers affecting them. After graduating, Calvin came back to Norco College and worked for Admissions & Records and Student Financial Services before accepting his new role. Calvin has over 10 years of experience working with veterans and military members and is a true advocate when it comes to helping his fellow veterans in the armed forces.
    With 3 Associate’s degrees from Norco College and a Bachelor’s degree from CSU, San Bernardino, Calvin is a Mustang through and through. He enjoys indoor and outdoor activities along with spending time with his family. 
    Fun Fact: Calvin and his 3 siblings all joined the U.S. Navy. His brother is currently deployed on a carrier and his sister we be deployed in January.